Over my holiday weekend, my girlfriends and I decided to escape from our college bubble and explore Orange County! My plan was to try a new coffee shop, Honor Coffee Roasters, yet not one table was open for us to take photos or order coffee. Once I began to walk through this little street, I was thankful it was too busy because I wouldn't have had enough time to find these cute little resting corners. 

First can I just say how much I love Newport Beach? I know I'm only three miles down the road from my college, but if I could live here I would in a heartbeat. This cute little row of shops and coffee houses were so much fun to browse through. I found an adorable little stationary shop that I must hit up on my next visit.

So blessed to have such sweet friends from college. If you are a blogger like me, find friends who don't mind taking your photo's for you! Haha. Being at Vanguard has been such a neat environment for me to grow in because everyone is connected through blogging in some way. So, my embarrassment of telling people about my side hustle has left completely, and I love it. These gals are so supportive of my passion here on the blog, and it couldn't have been a better start to my long week!


  1. This looks like such a fun girl's getaway!! xo

  2. Your blog is looking SO good girl. Love it! And love girls day... just had one this past weekend. Headed into the city for a Nordstrom's shopping date + lunch and it felt SO good!! Hope your week is a fabulous one!! xo


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