ote taking is an obsession of mine! I love being able to write down my thoughts. I know a lot of people who take notes via their iPad's or calendar on google, but I guess I'm more of the old fashioned type. Physical paper that I can take with me anywhere, regardless of wi-fi is definitely more my style. I'm touched on the topic of journaling, so today I wanted to share my thoughts on note taking for all purposes!

1. Organize Your Thoughts - It's so awesome being able to write out my thoughts. It helps me so much. Without writing them down, I seriously can't think clearly. I usually color code every different category of things I have to do just to make sure it stays in my brain. Plus I'll add some washi tape to my lists and make it all cute looking that way I'll want to pick it up and read it.

2. Physical Paper - I like my lists/notes written down on paper, that way I can take it everywhere with me. It's so easy to accidently delete an email or note on your iPhone, but so much more difficult to throw away a piece of paper.

3. Great Reminder - I love making lists for everything! School homework for the day, daily chores, weekly get togethers, and other such things I need to note. In the morning one of the first things I will do is map out my day, and write down everything that needs to get done. I love doing it right when I wake up, because it's my way of organizing my thoughts and this way I won't forget anything.



alking all about my favorite most watched tv shows yet! Binging on Netflix is a regular thing during my summer, so I thought I'd share with you some of the shows I feel in love with + can't stop re-watching! Huge plus is that every tv show I share with you, is all on Netflix currently right now!

Gilmore Girls - This one is a true classic! I can't enough about this show. It was aired in the early 2000's but I love the characters and personalities. If you've never seen or heard anything about it here's a few words to sum up the show; funny, drama, family, and relationships. Lorelai who is the main character is so amazing, her personality is upbeat and hilarious. I love all the flashbacks of previous movies, artists, and trends. There are so many references to back generations - so I'm sure there will be a few you can relate to. I love the mother and daughter relationship between Lorelai and Rory in the sense of how close they are. They are best friends and I love that. Rory is such a sweet girl and I love how all her relationships with her boyfriends, make you love/hate them. All in all, it's a great show, and I love that there are seven seasons!

Psych - Drama isn't involved, but serious humor is! This show will crack you up within seconds! I love Gus, probably my favorite character because his scream is the best (aka little girl scream). This show is completely clean, and it's all about the life of working in a police department and being detectives! Now the main character, Sean is a psych, not for real but only for show so he can work in the department. Gus and Sean are best friends who work together at "Psych", and are all about goofing off and cracking jokes! I'm so late to the Psych trend, but it took me so long to get into the show, but once I did...I couldn't stop watching it!

When Calls The Heart - Nothing can get better than this tv show! It's based in the early 1900's and is placed in a small town called Coal Valley. It's about this girl who dreams of being a teacher and feels lead to travel to Coal Valley and become their teacher permanently. She comes from lots of money, and is viewed as the city girl who doesn't know any thing but knowledge to teach their children. Romance always peeks its way in with the first few episodes, which is my favorite thing!

House Hunters International - Yes I love watching these type of shows! It gives me so much inspiration for my future home. The best part is being able to see what the living conditions are like around the world, especially my dream locations, europe! I've seen one when this couple wanted to live in France, and the footage they took around Paris and the country side of France was so breathtaking and great to see for future trips!



appy mail is something I look forward to every month! It is such an amazing subscription service and it's from the creators of A Beautiful Mess. This box is all adorable stationary, sisters, and bonus items! Each month your box is filled with 4-6 blank cards, 1 art wall print, 1-2 postcard type cards, and 1-2 special cards that include a saying inside the card, + cannot forget the fun special items that are included such as emoji stickers, pencil, washi tape, or an envelope. Every month is $20 or an annual fee is $115! I purchased the annual fee, that way each month is a total of $15 instead of $20. All in all, I really do think the price is worth everything you receive!  The photos in this post are a collective of my random favorites from the past four months I've received Happy Mail. The motto of this whole service is "Bringing thoughtful back." I absolutely love this because it's so important to drop a thank you card in the mail for someone, or send a feel better card to let the one you care about know how much you've been thinking about them. Receiving a hand written card is so much more special to me than a quick text, email, or facebook message. Yes, I'm old fashioned. Okay so you're probably thinking about this point, "but I don't send thank you cards, or get well soon" "this service isn't for me." Let me assure you, this service is filled with more than just those types of "gushy cards." It has a range from birthday wishes, thinking of you, just married, new home owners, what's up, and plain artwork blank cards.                                               

The photo above showcases the stickers I've received in my Happy Mail! I love that they include the "bonus items" because these are great for spelling out your friends name inside the card, or sealing the envelope with a cute succulent sticker! This is also great for scrapbooking or adding it into your daily planner! The very last photo in this post is the artwork print that quotes Whatever makes you weird, is probably your greatest asset. These prints are great to frame and hang in your space, or use as a gift for your friends! So if you haven't assumed already, I just love Happy Mail and I count down the days until it ships in the mail!



aving a cozy and beautiful room is so important! I absolutely love my room and the theme I chose. I can't lie and say it was an easy process, but it was well worth the time and money it took to get it the way I always dreamed! Even if your in a dorm, have your own apartment, own a home, or still living with your parents, I wanted to share a few ways to keep your room feeling cozy and fit to your own style. 

Before I had had my beach theme, I had a Paris, France decor. I tried to incorporate the eiffel tower, and old french patterns, but it just wasn't working for me. I had tan and brown, black and white all in one room. So I completely ditched the Paris theme, and created something more calming and definitely more "me". Alot of my pieces were purchased at HomeGoods, and Target. My bedding however is Pottery Barn Teen! So let's into the tips I have to share! 

                                              DECORATIVE PILLOWS

I am a sucker for adorable pillows! I have about six total in my room. Having a ton of pillows on your bed make it feel so homey and much more comfortable! Before when my room was almost done and I still didn't have any pillows, my room felt much more bare than what your seeing in these photos. Pillows made my bed look full and complete! I even have a few pillows on my chair to make it look cute and comfy. They can be simple, small, words/sayings, or even a touch of sparkle!

                                          LITTLE CUTE SUVIORNERS 

I'm guilty of this one, especially on my shelves above my reading nook! I love to collect globes from the places I'm traveled to! My room is beach theme, if you already didn't guess that. So when I traveled to Hawaii two different times, I had to buy a few globes for my collection, plus I knew with my theme in my room I could display them beautifully. When I went to Maui I bought a little one, and then when I went to Oahu one year later, I bought two globes because I swam with the dolphins and I just had to remember that! Anyway I just think this is a great way to display beautiful memories of where you've been, + their a great conversational pieces as well! :)


This tip is pretty common especially those strands with polaroid photos, but in the photo above you can see that I displayed my a little differently than the average tumblr trend. I bought a cork board at Target and laid out my photos just so, and added some quotes and paper patterns to make it look extra cute and busy! I love being able to look at my photos with friends, or remember back to special occasions. I have a photo of me and my best friend on our last day of Chemistry as seniors, a photo of me and my favorite teacher hanging out at Sonic as my last day ever as a highschooler, the ocean when I was in Hawaii, and even Lily! Most people don't know about this, but if you go to Target in their photo section, you can print off your instagram photos that are on your instagram account. Each photo is 25 cents, and they include a white border around the photo, but if you edit the photo before you upload it on instagram, you can of course make it more white around the edges to have the polaroid effect! Can't say enough how much I love the way this cork board turned out!



air is more than a style, and much more than a way a girl expresses herself. Rather, a hairstyle to a girl is everything. It's her prized possession. At least for me it is. So to change my hairstyle is a very drastic change, and very great decision for me. It's very likely that I ever make a change with my hair, whether it's dying it or adding bangs. However, I have made a mistake twice within the past four years, and that is chopping my hair. Every time my hair reaches the length that I desire, I become unhappy and decide on short hair. Both times I absolutely hated it, and wished I never done it. Yes that's correct, the first mistake didn't have an impact on me, therefore I had to repeat the mistake again.

As most of you may already know, I chopped my hair off last November or around the new year. My hair is very thin, and in the back it almost creates a "hole", which basically means it doesn't grow as long as the rest of my hair. Weird right? Because of this reason, I've always chopped my hair so it will grow to be healthy again. Rightfully so, I still missed my long hair. The process of having short hair to growing it out long again, stinks! I've put together a little list of "being ready for the chop", to remind myself never to make the same mistake a third time. Also, it's to prepare myself before I start thinking about short hair ever again lol.

I believe it's important to know what you're getting into. To be prepared for the change. You might love change, thrive on change, and crave change. However, if you're somewhat like me, you don't. You try to resist it with all your might. Maybe you have to cut your hair because of the same reason I did; it's not healthy. Let's dive into the list, that hopefully helps you think twice before making a big step with your hairstyle.

                                           PREPARE FOR THE CHOP 

Prepared for High Maintenance? I know, most people chop their hair because they believe it will relieve them of maintenance and time in the morning. I'm here to tell you it's not the case. It might take less time to blow dry, or shampoo in the shower, but not when it comes to styling it. I cannot blow dry my hair and leave it. It must be straightened, curled, or beachy salt textured. Shorter hair also requires more monthly trims to keep the length you desire.

Can You Take it Slow? Whenever I cut my hair, I always take off a little at a time. You might be surprised at how little you trim, seems like a lot more. It's always better to be safer than sorry.

Everything Else Stable? Sometimes you just want to rush into an immediate change because of something in your life. Maybe you need a fresh start. However, make sure everything is stable and up to the status quo before making a permanent decision. I cut my hair before I did senior photos, and I regretted it so much. I should have waited after because I just missed my long hair too much.

Let it Sink in: Take some time to really think about it. Find some inspiration to know exactly the right cut, color, and style you'd like. Do some research on the maintenance your style required. Find some ideas in the ways you can create different looks that you can still achieve with short hair. A great source is Pinterest, a friend, seek advice from your hairstylist, or try to use photoshop to try it on yourself.

Your Hair Texture: Not everyone has the same hair. Everyone's cut, color, and texture is much different, therefore certain styles aren't always a success on everyone. If you have thick hair, a pixie cut might be harder to achieve. Remember the texture you have, before changing your overall hair style.



ove plants like me? Good, you've clicked on the right blog post! Today I'm sharing a few helpful tips to why plants should always be placed in your house/room/space! Flowers, succulents, it doesn't matter, because each are the perfect touch for any space to cheer you up and brighten up your area. 

Don't Need a Green Thumb - Yep that's right. Don't know how to keep a plant alive? No worries, that's what succulents are for! As much as I do love flowers, I don't keep them in my room (like never), instead I make cute little succulents pots, just big/small enough for my room/space. I love that by keeping these cute little guys around, they don't demand too much care or attention.

Brighten Up Your Space - This one is probably the number one reason why I keep them in my room. As you can see in the photos above, I keep them on my shelves, books, and by my window seal. I love the green pop in my room, and the idea of having something living in your room, for me is a great touch!

Plants Keep You Happy - It's been studied that to keep plants around make a person feel as ease and happy. Whenever I have plants in my room, I love being able to see the growth and progress of my succulents. Also, an adorable pot always puts a smile on my face! Color is a magical thing - so it's a bonus to have a cute plant or succulent with a bright pop color of your pot!



Blogging is an act of journaling for my soul, and therefore my ultimate goal is to share everything and anything that changes the direction of my life. When I began A Beautiful Heart, I was a freshman in highschool sharing photos from homecoming, summer camp with my youth group, process of driving, Virginia trip, Maui with my bestie, family vacations in Hume Lake, Oahu vacation, senior photos, and before I knew it, that chapter of my life ended. Emotionally and mentally I've grown and become my own person. The age of eighteen is more than senior photos in high-school, and waiting for the day you receive your permit with your photo ID. The reality of being eighteen begins with finding your purpose in life, taking on the roles of responsibility, making life choices, and figuring out the way of life as an adult. Ending one chapter, and beginning a new brings stress, fear, sadness, excitement, confusion, and all of the above for myself personally. So because this blog is essentially my online journal, I'm here to write about a new chapter in my life and the title of the chapter is; College.

This is my first semester in college and (so far), I'm really enjoying it! College is such a different ball-game than high-school, and I really do love the change. I have the freedom to do my homework whenever I choose, take a bathroom break whenever I wish, or text in class if it's an emergency. In college you are responsible for your own grades, participation, and homework. That feeling will never grow old - it's wonderful.

For my first two years I chose the path of Community College instead of a University. I won't lie and pretend I haven't dreamed of attending a University, and it is my goal to apply in two years, but I am very happy with my plan. My fear over the summer was, what if I can't handle the work? I use to randomly get stomach's because of how worried I was about it. Oh if only I knew then how easy it would be. I'm here to give you comfort if you too have/had the same fear as I did, college isn't as scary as it's made out to be. The work load may be heavier than what you're use to in high school, but nothing that deserves a stomache over.

Like I mentioned, a University has definitely been my dream and ideal path. When I was a junior in high school I promised myself that I would not attend a University, and that it's so not for me. Well, my dear friend Emily and I attended the "spend the night" experience at Biola University because it happened to be her dream college, so I tagged along! What could be better than spending a night in a dorm room, sitting in on college classes, eating at the cafeteria? I packed my bags and we both traveled down together. Emily had high hopes, and I going just to support her and for the fun of it. It only took a simple tour around campus to quickly change my mind about the University life. I instantly fell in love with it. One problem - it makes no sense to go to a University to become a dental hygienist and be in debt, than to go to a community college/trade school and have no debt. Therefore my decision for the community college route.

Many people have completely dissed the idea of a community college path, and have ignored the benefits it has to offer. I understand the ideal beauty that comes with a university, but I believe so many people forget that it's still college too. Both require the same class list, and homework level, and ranking of professors. I wanted to write this post specifically to encourage you college girls out there or high school seniors, to explore the benefits of a community college.


1. Cost Efficient // Let's just be real and state the obvious, it's way more affordable. It's honestly one reason why I chose it over Biola or CBU. The thought of being in debt scares me, and if I can avoid it in any way, I will. Not having to worry about the thousands of dollars that my tuition includes takes such a heavy burden off my back. With the tuition money I'm saving, I'm able to focus on buying a car, saving for my future, and having fun in the present.

2. Explore New Options // A community college makes changing your major so much easier. Yes, I suppose this is true for a University too, but I believe it's a little different. My major is undecided at the moment, and I don't have this problem of it ruining my four year plan. Every class is either GE or for an AS, so if you decide to change majors it will most likely not affect your degree (BA).

3. Leave Home // Nope, don't have to! If your a home girl, or mommy's girl than you have the glorious option of still living at home. An easy 30 minute commute to classes and then back at home. Now sometimes I wonder what my dorm room would look like and the life it would give me. But then I walk into my room, with my queen bed, fall candle, picture frames, and personal space and then my wish for a dorm room suddenly leaves my mind. I love being able to eat dinner with my family and have my mom prepare my favorite can't get that at a University (cafeteria pizza). If I'm not feeling well I can take a bath, lite candle, wear my pj's, and not have to worry about who will step into my room. Oh the comfort of home!

4. Not Much Change // You might love this, maybe more than I do, but it's true a community college doesn't involve that earth-shaking change in your life. You're still able to attend church with your family, live in your bedroom, cuddle with your pets, stay in your hometown, shop at your local favorites, spend time with family members, and stay involved in certain activities. Grantee, most of your friends may leave out of state, like my best friends :(, but perhaps some people will chose the same as you! Not everyone is up for change like me, so I take it as a benefit in my life.

5. Taking it Slow // Not slow as in classes or dedication to earn your degree. Rather getting your feet wet. Even though it's a community college, it's still college. You still have 15 units a semester, paper's due every week, quizzes and midterms, and 50 classmates. What I mean is you're able to concentrate on college itself rather than your dorm room, meeting people, being friends with the girls on your floor, never saying no to activities and events on campus, walking to the cafeteria every night, and leaving your family and friends behind, so basically finding your way around this new unfamiliar place. All I have to figure out is my classes. How to succeed and receive an A grade. All the other stuff eliminates stress in my life. For some, they live off of change and meeting people, and others (like myself) view it simply as stress and fear. If you're not ready to leave home, or venture out by yourself, I encourage you to listen to that. You don't have to be the norm and jump into what everyone is doing or because you feel expected. I feel like this idea "taking it slow" is viewed as a 'negative stereotype, but it doesn't have to be. You're the one living your life therefore live it the way you feel the most comfortable, and confident. If you're like me in this department than a community college is such a great option!



I just uploaded this video on my main channel, and just had to post it on my blog as well! I loved doing this tag, and I think it's a great conversational topic. Leave a comment below sharing a few of your favorite feelings, because I just think this is such a cool idea!

1. Coffee Brewing: This is such a sweet memory I have when I'd spent the night at my grandparents, waking up to their coffee brewing in the early morning!

2. Rinsing Sandy Feet: I know, crazy right? I'm weird and I don't like the beach because I hate the sandy feeling between my feet ha-ha.

3. Anticipation: Road trips are awesome, especially when you have your special "vacation" snacks and your iPod blasting...and then you arrive at your destination!

4. Surprises: Oh yes, I love being surprised! It's more than just being surprised or being off guard, but the feeling that people love you so much that they planned something special for you!

5. Takeoff: Flying is so enjoyable for me, and take off is my favorite moment! I love knowing that it's the exact moment that vacation begins or the idea of traveling somewhere new!

6. Finishing a Book: I love that mental silence of pure thinking after you finish a good book. If you're a lover of books and reading, you know what I'm talking about.

7. Feeling After a Workout: Running isn't for me, nor do I love fitness, but the feeling after an intense workout makes me feel like I could conquer the world.

8. Surprises: I love being surprised. Whether it's a birthday, gifts, or a location spot...I love being insuspese.

9. Compliments: No not in vain, rather I take compliments as an accomplishment, not as in a vain or arrogant way. To me it's recognition and assurance. This can be my new hair style, blog, or college career.

10. Figuring Something Out: That ah-ha moment is the best feeling! It can be simple as knowing who the murderer is in a movie, or super hard math problem!

11. Taking a Bath: When you lit the candle, and turn off the lights, and sink into the tub after a long day. There's just nothing like it!

12. Clean Room: When the bed is made, and everything is put away, that's when I can relax.

13. Stepping on Fall Leaves: I don't even think I need to say anything for this one, it's so self explanatory! Please go see what I have to say in the video :)

14. Belting it Out: When no one is home, and I can totally sing off the top of my lungs!

15. Singing to your Jam: This is when your in the car and blast your music and just rock out.



ello everyone! Today I'm sharing an outfit post that in my mind is long over-due! I really do enjoy modeling in front of the camera and snapping the right photos for these types of posts, but my favorite photographer is away at college! This is the last outfit shoot I did with my Alex, and It was such a great one. I couldn't be more happy with the way it turned out, and that our camera cards didn't malfunction this time ha-ha! I don't have much going on other than the fact that homework is piling up and I'm learning that college is such a different ballgame than high school. It's taken a lot of getting use to, but I'm trying to be positive about the whole situation and focus on my countdown to December 14th because that's when this semester ends (I know, I'm pathetic). So I'm sorry but today I don't have anything profound to talk about, or interesting to share, so I'm off to reading my literature that's due in a few days! Hope your all having a beautiful week!


een wanting to chat on these eyeshadows for a long time, but never photographed them! I've never featured this brand before, but I decided I needed to! It's by MakeupGeek, and it's an online company. I love so many things about this company, which is listed below, but I really adore these shadows, which is why I'm writing this post. Let's get into them one by one.

Last Dance: This is the most perfect fall color in my eyeshadow collection! I have a maroon color by Urban Decay, but I love how this one is so rich. The color is very pigmented but not over the top like bloody red. Rather a beautiful deep wine color to compliment all skin tones, and eye colors.

Moon Dust: This color is so hard to describe so bare with me; it's a gray, tan, smokey combination. It's gray but it's definitely not tan. Does that make sense? Probably not, but it's so beautiful especially for fall. Sometimes I'm tired of blending all different colors, or even the heavy dark smokey browns, so Moon Dust is great to just throw all over the lid and leave simply on it's own.

Envy: This is the perfect shade for a halloween makeup tutorial - it always makes me think of the wicked witch of the west in Wizard of Oz, haha. I love how bold this color is, but even though it's dark and bold, it's not very pigmented like I thought when I purchased it. So I use Mac Fix plus spray to bring out the green pigments.

                                             WHY I LOVE MAKEUPGEEK

Metal Pans: I love that their eyeshadows come in these beautiful metal pans which you can view in the photos below. Mac used these pans, and I love the idea much more than the big bulky ones Urban Decay or BareMinerals use. It's easier to pack for traveling or throw in your purse!

The Price: Let's be real, the price is a huge factor to purchasing this makeup. Each eyeshadow is $6! Now, I can spend $19 on just one shadow from Urban Decay - it's just crazy how much makeup costs! Grante you have to spend money on shipping, but when you're buying a lot it's worth it!

The Creative Names: I love the names they create for their shadow pans! I know this is not a factor in their makeup quality, or whether or not you'll purchase anything from this company, but I think it makes it all the more fun! When I was searching the link's for above, I was reminded how fun they are, I mean who wouldn't buy a shadow named glass slipper, mermaid, or ice queen.

Z-Palette: Instead of purchasing a ready made palette, here you can create your own. Custom filled with your own personal colors. They named their palettes, the Z-Palette. The metal pans are magnetic and therefore just pop right in the palette, laying flat. There are different colors and patterns as well as sizes.  I have a smaller one, because my first order only had three shadows, but their just a great feature to display your shadows in and keep them from getting ruined.

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