I just uploaded this video on my main channel, and just had to post it on my blog as well! I loved doing this tag, and I think it's a great conversational topic. Leave a comment below sharing a few of your favorite feelings, because I just think this is such a cool idea!

1. Coffee Brewing: This is such a sweet memory I have when I'd spent the night at my grandparents, waking up to their coffee brewing in the early morning!

2. Rinsing Sandy Feet: I know, crazy right? I'm weird and I don't like the beach because I hate the sandy feeling between my feet ha-ha.

3. Anticipation: Road trips are awesome, especially when you have your special "vacation" snacks and your iPod blasting...and then you arrive at your destination!

4. Surprises: Oh yes, I love being surprised! It's more than just being surprised or being off guard, but the feeling that people love you so much that they planned something special for you!

5. Takeoff: Flying is so enjoyable for me, and take off is my favorite moment! I love knowing that it's the exact moment that vacation begins or the idea of traveling somewhere new!

6. Finishing a Book: I love that mental silence of pure thinking after you finish a good book. If you're a lover of books and reading, you know what I'm talking about.

7. Feeling After a Workout: Running isn't for me, nor do I love fitness, but the feeling after an intense workout makes me feel like I could conquer the world.

8. Surprises: I love being surprised. Whether it's a birthday, gifts, or a location spot...I love being insuspese.

9. Compliments: No not in vain, rather I take compliments as an accomplishment, not as in a vain or arrogant way. To me it's recognition and assurance. This can be my new hair style, blog, or college career.

10. Figuring Something Out: That ah-ha moment is the best feeling! It can be simple as knowing who the murderer is in a movie, or super hard math problem!

11. Taking a Bath: When you lit the candle, and turn off the lights, and sink into the tub after a long day. There's just nothing like it!

12. Clean Room: When the bed is made, and everything is put away, that's when I can relax.

13. Stepping on Fall Leaves: I don't even think I need to say anything for this one, it's so self explanatory! Please go see what I have to say in the video :)

14. Belting it Out: When no one is home, and I can totally sing off the top of my lungs!

15. Singing to your Jam: This is when your in the car and blast your music and just rock out.

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  1. You said surprises twice :') But it is a pretty amazing feeling so it deserves two mentions. I love takeoffs as well, because you know that the next time you hit the ground you'll be at a new destination. I guess that could be coupled with anticipation. The feeling after a workout is the most motivating, self-fulfilled feeling that could immediately brighten your day.

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