aving a cozy and beautiful room is so important! I absolutely love my room and the theme I chose. I can't lie and say it was an easy process, but it was well worth the time and money it took to get it the way I always dreamed! Even if your in a dorm, have your own apartment, own a home, or still living with your parents, I wanted to share a few ways to keep your room feeling cozy and fit to your own style. 

Before I had had my beach theme, I had a Paris, France decor. I tried to incorporate the eiffel tower, and old french patterns, but it just wasn't working for me. I had tan and brown, black and white all in one room. So I completely ditched the Paris theme, and created something more calming and definitely more "me". Alot of my pieces were purchased at HomeGoods, and Target. My bedding however is Pottery Barn Teen! So let's into the tips I have to share! 

                                              DECORATIVE PILLOWS

I am a sucker for adorable pillows! I have about six total in my room. Having a ton of pillows on your bed make it feel so homey and much more comfortable! Before when my room was almost done and I still didn't have any pillows, my room felt much more bare than what your seeing in these photos. Pillows made my bed look full and complete! I even have a few pillows on my chair to make it look cute and comfy. They can be simple, small, words/sayings, or even a touch of sparkle!

                                          LITTLE CUTE SUVIORNERS 

I'm guilty of this one, especially on my shelves above my reading nook! I love to collect globes from the places I'm traveled to! My room is beach theme, if you already didn't guess that. So when I traveled to Hawaii two different times, I had to buy a few globes for my collection, plus I knew with my theme in my room I could display them beautifully. When I went to Maui I bought a little one, and then when I went to Oahu one year later, I bought two globes because I swam with the dolphins and I just had to remember that! Anyway I just think this is a great way to display beautiful memories of where you've been, + their a great conversational pieces as well! :)


This tip is pretty common especially those strands with polaroid photos, but in the photo above you can see that I displayed my a little differently than the average tumblr trend. I bought a cork board at Target and laid out my photos just so, and added some quotes and paper patterns to make it look extra cute and busy! I love being able to look at my photos with friends, or remember back to special occasions. I have a photo of me and my best friend on our last day of Chemistry as seniors, a photo of me and my favorite teacher hanging out at Sonic as my last day ever as a highschooler, the ocean when I was in Hawaii, and even Lily! Most people don't know about this, but if you go to Target in their photo section, you can print off your instagram photos that are on your instagram account. Each photo is 25 cents, and they include a white border around the photo, but if you edit the photo before you upload it on instagram, you can of course make it more white around the edges to have the polaroid effect! Can't say enough how much I love the way this cork board turned out!


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