een wanting to chat on these eyeshadows for a long time, but never photographed them! I've never featured this brand before, but I decided I needed to! It's by MakeupGeek, and it's an online company. I love so many things about this company, which is listed below, but I really adore these shadows, which is why I'm writing this post. Let's get into them one by one.

Last Dance: This is the most perfect fall color in my eyeshadow collection! I have a maroon color by Urban Decay, but I love how this one is so rich. The color is very pigmented but not over the top like bloody red. Rather a beautiful deep wine color to compliment all skin tones, and eye colors.

Moon Dust: This color is so hard to describe so bare with me; it's a gray, tan, smokey combination. It's gray but it's definitely not tan. Does that make sense? Probably not, but it's so beautiful especially for fall. Sometimes I'm tired of blending all different colors, or even the heavy dark smokey browns, so Moon Dust is great to just throw all over the lid and leave simply on it's own.

Envy: This is the perfect shade for a halloween makeup tutorial - it always makes me think of the wicked witch of the west in Wizard of Oz, haha. I love how bold this color is, but even though it's dark and bold, it's not very pigmented like I thought when I purchased it. So I use Mac Fix plus spray to bring out the green pigments.

                                             WHY I LOVE MAKEUPGEEK

Metal Pans: I love that their eyeshadows come in these beautiful metal pans which you can view in the photos below. Mac used these pans, and I love the idea much more than the big bulky ones Urban Decay or BareMinerals use. It's easier to pack for traveling or throw in your purse!

The Price: Let's be real, the price is a huge factor to purchasing this makeup. Each eyeshadow is $6! Now, I can spend $19 on just one shadow from Urban Decay - it's just crazy how much makeup costs! Grante you have to spend money on shipping, but when you're buying a lot it's worth it!

The Creative Names: I love the names they create for their shadow pans! I know this is not a factor in their makeup quality, or whether or not you'll purchase anything from this company, but I think it makes it all the more fun! When I was searching the link's for above, I was reminded how fun they are, I mean who wouldn't buy a shadow named glass slipper, mermaid, or ice queen.

Z-Palette: Instead of purchasing a ready made palette, here you can create your own. Custom filled with your own personal colors. They named their palettes, the Z-Palette. The metal pans are magnetic and therefore just pop right in the palette, laying flat. There are different colors and patterns as well as sizes.  I have a smaller one, because my first order only had three shadows, but their just a great feature to display your shadows in and keep them from getting ruined.

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