air is more than a style, and much more than a way a girl expresses herself. Rather, a hairstyle to a girl is everything. It's her prized possession. At least for me it is. So to change my hairstyle is a very drastic change, and very great decision for me. It's very likely that I ever make a change with my hair, whether it's dying it or adding bangs. However, I have made a mistake twice within the past four years, and that is chopping my hair. Every time my hair reaches the length that I desire, I become unhappy and decide on short hair. Both times I absolutely hated it, and wished I never done it. Yes that's correct, the first mistake didn't have an impact on me, therefore I had to repeat the mistake again.

As most of you may already know, I chopped my hair off last November or around the new year. My hair is very thin, and in the back it almost creates a "hole", which basically means it doesn't grow as long as the rest of my hair. Weird right? Because of this reason, I've always chopped my hair so it will grow to be healthy again. Rightfully so, I still missed my long hair. The process of having short hair to growing it out long again, stinks! I've put together a little list of "being ready for the chop", to remind myself never to make the same mistake a third time. Also, it's to prepare myself before I start thinking about short hair ever again lol.

I believe it's important to know what you're getting into. To be prepared for the change. You might love change, thrive on change, and crave change. However, if you're somewhat like me, you don't. You try to resist it with all your might. Maybe you have to cut your hair because of the same reason I did; it's not healthy. Let's dive into the list, that hopefully helps you think twice before making a big step with your hairstyle.

                                           PREPARE FOR THE CHOP 

Prepared for High Maintenance? I know, most people chop their hair because they believe it will relieve them of maintenance and time in the morning. I'm here to tell you it's not the case. It might take less time to blow dry, or shampoo in the shower, but not when it comes to styling it. I cannot blow dry my hair and leave it. It must be straightened, curled, or beachy salt textured. Shorter hair also requires more monthly trims to keep the length you desire.

Can You Take it Slow? Whenever I cut my hair, I always take off a little at a time. You might be surprised at how little you trim, seems like a lot more. It's always better to be safer than sorry.

Everything Else Stable? Sometimes you just want to rush into an immediate change because of something in your life. Maybe you need a fresh start. However, make sure everything is stable and up to the status quo before making a permanent decision. I cut my hair before I did senior photos, and I regretted it so much. I should have waited after because I just missed my long hair too much.

Let it Sink in: Take some time to really think about it. Find some inspiration to know exactly the right cut, color, and style you'd like. Do some research on the maintenance your style required. Find some ideas in the ways you can create different looks that you can still achieve with short hair. A great source is Pinterest, a friend, seek advice from your hairstylist, or try to use photoshop to try it on yourself.

Your Hair Texture: Not everyone has the same hair. Everyone's cut, color, and texture is much different, therefore certain styles aren't always a success on everyone. If you have thick hair, a pixie cut might be harder to achieve. Remember the texture you have, before changing your overall hair style.

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