ove plants like me? Good, you've clicked on the right blog post! Today I'm sharing a few helpful tips to why plants should always be placed in your house/room/space! Flowers, succulents, it doesn't matter, because each are the perfect touch for any space to cheer you up and brighten up your area. 

Don't Need a Green Thumb - Yep that's right. Don't know how to keep a plant alive? No worries, that's what succulents are for! As much as I do love flowers, I don't keep them in my room (like never), instead I make cute little succulents pots, just big/small enough for my room/space. I love that by keeping these cute little guys around, they don't demand too much care or attention.

Brighten Up Your Space - This one is probably the number one reason why I keep them in my room. As you can see in the photos above, I keep them on my shelves, books, and by my window seal. I love the green pop in my room, and the idea of having something living in your room, for me is a great touch!

Plants Keep You Happy - It's been studied that to keep plants around make a person feel as ease and happy. Whenever I have plants in my room, I love being able to see the growth and progress of my succulents. Also, an adorable pot always puts a smile on my face! Color is a magical thing - so it's a bonus to have a cute plant or succulent with a bright pop color of your pot!


  1. this is a really true post ;) i love having living pops of color in my makes it so much more brighter and livelier. cute post!


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