ote taking is an obsession of mine! I love being able to write down my thoughts. I know a lot of people who take notes via their iPad's or calendar on google, but I guess I'm more of the old fashioned type. Physical paper that I can take with me anywhere, regardless of wi-fi is definitely more my style. I'm touched on the topic of journaling, so today I wanted to share my thoughts on note taking for all purposes!

1. Organize Your Thoughts - It's so awesome being able to write out my thoughts. It helps me so much. Without writing them down, I seriously can't think clearly. I usually color code every different category of things I have to do just to make sure it stays in my brain. Plus I'll add some washi tape to my lists and make it all cute looking that way I'll want to pick it up and read it.

2. Physical Paper - I like my lists/notes written down on paper, that way I can take it everywhere with me. It's so easy to accidently delete an email or note on your iPhone, but so much more difficult to throw away a piece of paper.

3. Great Reminder - I love making lists for everything! School homework for the day, daily chores, weekly get togethers, and other such things I need to note. In the morning one of the first things I will do is map out my day, and write down everything that needs to get done. I love doing it right when I wake up, because it's my way of organizing my thoughts and this way I won't forget anything.

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