appy mail is something I look forward to every month! It is such an amazing subscription service and it's from the creators of A Beautiful Mess. This box is all adorable stationary, sisters, and bonus items! Each month your box is filled with 4-6 blank cards, 1 art wall print, 1-2 postcard type cards, and 1-2 special cards that include a saying inside the card, + cannot forget the fun special items that are included such as emoji stickers, pencil, washi tape, or an envelope. Every month is $20 or an annual fee is $115! I purchased the annual fee, that way each month is a total of $15 instead of $20. All in all, I really do think the price is worth everything you receive!  The photos in this post are a collective of my random favorites from the past four months I've received Happy Mail. The motto of this whole service is "Bringing thoughtful back." I absolutely love this because it's so important to drop a thank you card in the mail for someone, or send a feel better card to let the one you care about know how much you've been thinking about them. Receiving a hand written card is so much more special to me than a quick text, email, or facebook message. Yes, I'm old fashioned. Okay so you're probably thinking about this point, "but I don't send thank you cards, or get well soon" "this service isn't for me." Let me assure you, this service is filled with more than just those types of "gushy cards." It has a range from birthday wishes, thinking of you, just married, new home owners, what's up, and plain artwork blank cards.                                               

The photo above showcases the stickers I've received in my Happy Mail! I love that they include the "bonus items" because these are great for spelling out your friends name inside the card, or sealing the envelope with a cute succulent sticker! This is also great for scrapbooking or adding it into your daily planner! The very last photo in this post is the artwork print that quotes Whatever makes you weird, is probably your greatest asset. These prints are great to frame and hang in your space, or use as a gift for your friends! So if you haven't assumed already, I just love Happy Mail and I count down the days until it ships in the mail!

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