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ow that summer has ended, and college has begun it's brought back up emotions that I honestly thought faded, or matured, yet clearly I cannot shake. My embarrassed feelings stem from my envious point of view of the university lifestyle. Yep, it's true. It's a hard thing to swallow for me, because a. I am envious b. I chose not to go for the next two years and lastly c. that I have to overcome this jealousy. It's that time again when all my friends leave for the semester, post photos of their dorm room, get connected within their club groups, rave about morning chapel, and express their love for their enrolled classes. Instagram has a very appealing vibe to just one photo that captures one highlight of the week, I know this, yet it doesn't make it any easier as I wish I could be there right along side them during this time of college.

Let me rewind and explain my educational path as I have never opened up about it here on the blog before. I chose community college for the first two years of college to complete my GE as a way to be debt free! I don't regret this decision, yet I sometimes find it stimulating. My life has not changed in the way of what my days look like or how I perform my weekly routines. My high school years feel meshed into my college ones. How? Because my life has not changed dramatically. I still attend the same church, see the same family friends, live at home with my parents, enjoy the comforts of my own bedroom, and run errands around my childhood town. Now, I confess how badly I'd love to experience change, mostly because I don't feel too much of it in my life like I stated above, but that doesn't mean that my life is boring, or incomplete.

I'm envious of the university lifestyle because I want to see myself surrounded by such a godly and moral community. An atmosphere that is based on the love of God. Professors that act as mentors in their students life. A place where my peers want to be and thrive in their academics. Experience the dorm room life and decorate it to my taste. Meet new friends. Grow as a person.

You may be thinking, how can I pour my heart out like this for all to see/read? Am I too vulnerable? Perhaps. Yet I view this post as a learning process of my emotions right now. I honestly see God providing, blessing, and directing me during this time - in ways that I need to be shaped. Through this ugly green monster of envy, I am learning the value of contentment, joy, and growth. I firmly believe that no matter the outcome, no decision ever equals up to regret, because the choice of community college has made me stronger. The Lord is truly blessing me for seeking his path, and not straying away sooner than his plan. This semester the Lord provided me with two Christian professors who teach at my dream University, and a math professor who helps me tremendously! Everything I've been praying for, has come to be. For that, I know that right now University life will have to wait, because my time has not yet come. When it does I know it will be beautiful, and life changing. Until then, I must grow where I am planted!



t's time to bring out my sunglasses and show you my little collection. This summer I've had so much fun trying new styles, and shopping around for different looks that compliment my face. I typically buy sunglasses to wear on my head, or just to have in my car during sunset hour while driving. Now, my outlook on shades have shifted, and my headaches have faded slowly the more I wear them, so begins my love for wearing them, like their suppose to be! A purse and some shades can truly transform an outfit, and therefore I've been trying to make them a staple in my everyday style while I'm out and about on the town.

I am obsessed with these shades because of the gold foil rims! I picked these up at my local TJ Maxx, and found them to be ten times cheaper than on Jessica Simpson's website. Her collection is beautiful, and you'd be amazed at how many pieces you could find at your local store. I've been trying to branch out of my comfort zone with sunglasses and I think this one is the perfect balance! I confess, these are my favorite pair yet!

          I HEART YOU

These cute heart sunglasses can be found at Tilly's! These shades make me feel so young and restless. It's my one accessory that brings out my wild/carefree side of my personality, and I love it. Again, with the fold foil, it's my favorite trend that I believe will never go out of style (for my taste). This pair is perfect for a day at the beach, or a get together with the girls. 


When I bought this pair of sunglasses, I admit I loved the caramel blend and the inner blue pop of color. However, I was hesitate about the shape and classic ray ban style for my profile. My sister pulls these shades off perfectly, and I'm more of a aviator girl...but oh my I have slowly fallen in love with this pair. It's fun to play around with different styles. 



H MY! This month I have some wonderful favorites to share with you all today! These items were not just pulled from around my room, or in the nook and cranny of my closet yet literally picked out of my purse because I'm actively using and enjoying these items in my life lately. Even with the busyness of July I've managed to take control over August and have a mindset that involves "me-time," before college starts, which is the perfect way to describe these cool bits and bobs. Anything you've enjoyed this month, if so share below! I always love exploring new beauty, and lifestyle products. Hope you had a wonderful month of August. 



love journals and most importantly one's that give me an outline or writing prompt. This year one of my new years resolutions was to make journaling a priority. I've done a really great job keeping up with this particular journal that I've grown to love, and it's called the 52 List Journal Project. I picked this up at Anthropologie in January and was able to follow along perfectly with the format of the book. These lists follow the schedule of all the seasons of the year, which I love because the writing prompts match up perfectly with the schedule of each month and every holiday.

My friends laugh because they say I am a "list obsessed gal" who can't keep track of them all. It's true. I have a list for homework, chores, errands, things to purchase, etc. Those lists however are boring, and are trashed at the end of the day. However, this beautiful journal is full of lists to spark your creative juices. It's filled with personality questions, seasonal favorites, and memory throwbacks. Another great feature each list has at the bottom of the page is a "action box" to give you a motive and purpose to go out and pursue the goal of the prompt!

Down below I wanted to add my five favorite lists from the book to give you an idea of the writing prompts you have to work with.

List 12: List your best qualities. 
List 15: List your dream trips. 
List 23: List the things that make you laugh. 
List 29 List your childhood & current dream jobs.
List 4: List the soundtrack of your life. 



've always wanted to try out the sea salt spray from Not My Mother's Beach Waves, and finally after years of searching for it, I purchased it from Target, and love it! It's hard not to be spectacle about products like these working, especially for those beautiful beach waves, but this one really works! Believe me I would know. I've tried to make my own DIY sea salt spray, which didn't work, and many more Pinterest recipes. All were a fail, hehe. Best's only six dollars! So if you give this product a go, and it's not the best fit for your hair the invest in this hair product isn't a dramatic loss. What hair products do you use?

I love this brand because it smells like coconuts, and reminds me of perfect summer day by the water. This spray gives the perfect volume and texture to my thin and flat hair! I've learned to style my hair different ways with this spray, but the best way I've found is to spray is in my hair when it's wet (right out of the shower), and scrunch my hair until it becomes wavy. Then I'll blow dry it, which takes all the tangles out, and makes my hair not so dry or as if my hair is holding a product (like hairspray). This solution is perfect for that natural wave, and boost of volume in my hair. OR you can just scrunch it up in your wet hair, and let it air dry. This creates a very beachy wave, and as if you just swam in the ocean water! I've noticed however, letting it air dry creates more tangles, and the volume is a little too much for my taste, so you'll just have to play around with it! I adore the texture it creates for messy fishtail braids, lose buns, or pony tails - score!



he other day I was driving around town checking off my errand to-do list, and I spotted a new coffee shop! You know what that means...I planned a morning get together with my girlfriend and made a photoshoot out of it. So in love with this coffee house, the decor and vibe inside reminds me of the perfect NYC pick me up local spot. As you can see from this post's title this shop is called Bean Coffee Roasters! I've decided that my true love is discovering new coffee houses and therefore this one wasn't on the list for long. If you wish to view more coffee shop's I've visited, than just click on the banner located on the right side on the blog called "coffee diary."

The benefits from this coffee spot includes cheap drinks, lots of seating, and trendy decor. I ordered a mango passion iced tea, & a chocolate covered strawberry, both so delicious. Alex tried their caramel latte and loved it. So there's much variety when selecting a morning treat.

                                               WHAT I WORE...
                         TEE - HUME APPAREL | SUNGLASSES - JESSICA SIMPSON |                                               JEAN SHORTS - AMERICAN EAGLE | WATCH - FRANCESSCA'S



ave a best friend that lives far away, or out of state? I know this all too well with my bestie in Oregon. Once all my friends and I graduated high school, we all went our our ways for college, which has been extremely hard. Life is busy, and it's easy to let distance come between friends. However, it's important to maintain wonderful friendships no matter the miles in between, or the busyness of life. And oh boy is it hard to cope with the reality that your best friend isn't around to meet up for coffee, sleep overs, movie dates, nor girls night out on the town. This past year I have been able to learn how to cope with it, and create some tips and ideas that have helped me during freshman year of college while all my friends were living out of state! I hope you've enjoyed this mini series on ABH I loved putting it all together. If you wish to see any other mini series just leave a topic suggestion down below.

SNAIL MAIL: I am a strong believer in some good old fashion snail mail. Being able to express my emotions, and life happenings on a blank canvas to my friends is the perfect way to stay in touch and make it more special than a quick meaningless text message. It always brought joy to my girlfriends knowing their mail box had something waiting for them to pick up!

GO VISIT THEM: So glad I was able to do this in the spring semester! I visited Emily in Oregon, hence all my Portland travel diary posts on the blog, and it was so amazing. It was a much needed girls weekend, and I was able to make wonderful memories with her. The best part of being able to go visit your friend is being able to have a peek into their life. Meet their new friends, see their dorm room, walk on their college campus, and perhaps join their weekly clubs such as choir, art, dance, football, or bible study. Visiting Emily's college really made me understand where she was coming from, and it was another thing we were able to connect and bond over!

SCHEDULE A HANGOUT: Just as you plan for a coffee date with a friend, so should you plan for a phone call or Skype chat! This is everything. Trust. Me. And if your friend lives really far away time changes can make a difference too. I love being able to text because it's no inconvenience to respond, yet it's important to make more of an effort of talking in a more personal way! Keeping in touch is key in a long distance friendship!

SPOIL THEM: Have a college friend? Nothing is better than receiving a package full of goodies, than actually purchasing them for a friend and surprising them with a special gift. For my college friends I put together a freshman surviving kit filled with essentials, food, chocolate, pamper items, and hygiene products that works perfect for the dorm life. This sweet idea isn't about the items, or money spent on your friends, but about the time, effort, and thought that goes into it. Let your friends know how much you love them, and make them aware of how much you miss them!
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