anchors away


 This past week I had the opportunity to go to this beautiful golf course to do a photo shoot. Along this golf course they had an awesome bridge, (which I am standing on) that overlooked the course and it was so much fun. I took the photos during the evening so I was very pleased with the results! I always love trying new locations for photo shoots, and I always try to mix it up for the backgrounds in my photos. These pasts few nights have been so cold that I actually wore a light jacket which felt amazing. So I am excited to say that fall is definitely coming sooner than I thought! Plus I am very happy because I am pretty sure there will only be a few opportunities left to wear shorts. I'll admit though its so nice not having to be bundled up with clothes because of how cold the weather can get, but I just love all the fun accessories that come with fall. Like my scarfs, boots, coats, and sweaters, and plus I love the autumn colors! Fall is so nice and relaxing because the weather is cool but not freezing like winter. So yes I have been obsessed with fall lately-ha. Anyways, comment down below and let me know what are some of your favorite things about fall is because I would love to know!! :)

Outfit Details:
Shirt/Gap :: Shorts/American Eagle :: Ballet flats/Payless :: Anchor jewelry/ courtesy of, BlessedGarden :: Sunglasses/ courtesy of, MicroDotsie :: Purse/Roxy ::

feeling urban


This past week has been nice and cool in the evenings so i have been able to wear jeans, my absolutely favorite. Here in Cali, our September is always hot, so when we get one cool night we treasure it! As you can see in these photos i was feeling urban and simple. I love white t-shirts because they go great with anything and they are so comfy to wear. A white t-shirt is just a great staple piece, because you can wear it very casual or very formal. I love being able to match all of my jewelry with it and also coats. To me personally white is not exactly a fall color, but I though since we are still in September it was still fine to wear. Ha-ha. I am so excited for fall to come, so stay tuned because I have many exciting outfits and dresses that I can't wait to show you! :)

                             heels/T.J. Maxx :: jeans/j.c. penny :: earrings/American Eagle ::
                             bangles/ courtesy of, mydzine

DIY: Washi Pencil Holder


 DIY!! Washi tape is just amazing. You could literally do anything with it. So today I decorated my pencil holder with my three favorite washi tapes. I just love the way it turned out and it cost me like three dollars. I love color and this is a great way to make your room very bright and cheerful! As you can see from the photo putting tape all over the pencil holder, isn't very hard, therefore I do not have any steps of how to do it yourself. I just though it was a great way to use washi tape and incorporate it in your room, or for your desk! 

                                             camera washi tape/courtesy of wimsicalcraftss ::

Life Lately


Wow has my life been busy lately. School has finally started, so that means lots of homework and studying. I really can't believe summer is over, but its always nice getting into a schedule and routine! I haven't done a life lately post in a while so I thought it would be fun to do so! :)

Loving to wear: Casual outfits. As you may have guessed from my past fashion posts, that my style is urban casual. I love wearing simple yet fashionable clothes. This school year has been awesome, because I am able to wear my favorite shirts yet be able to piece it with capri's or jeans!

Watching: I have been watching I Love Lucy episodes like crazy. I don't know why, but I just love Lucy. She always seems to entertain me and make me laugh! And I am a sucker for movies in black and white.

Listening to: Colbie Caillat has been on my favorite list lately. I love her vocals I just think they are gorgeous and so unique. All her songs are so peaceful and yet upbeat and cheerful!

Looking forward to: This past week I have been trying to transition into fall. I really do love fall because of the fashion and the colder weather. Its very hard to believe that summer is actually over and fall is here (well almost) because in Southern California its technically not fall until the end of September and beginning of October. Sadly here in California we are still experiencing 100 degree weather! ha-ha, not fun. This fall I am hoping to go to a few new/fun locations for my fall fashion posts, so stay tuned!

Getting use to: school ha-ha. last week was my first week of school. boy, do I have a lot of homework! but I am liking my classes, so that helps! I have to admit I was quite bored towards the end of the summer, so I am happy to be back in school and having a busy schedule!

 beautiful sunset
 random photo of me
coffee bean with my mom
sneak peak of my white t-shirt and jean series. :) stay tuned!!!

daisy nails


 Flowers are just the cutest design ever for nails, and I keep seeing it every where! Daisy's are one of my favorite flowers so I figured I would show you a very simple daisy flower for your nails. I just received some dotting tools, I've been experimenting with many floral designs and a daisy is definitely the easiest. If you don't have any dotting tools, I highly recommend you buying some! They are amazing and I so easy to use. and you can use them for many different designs and patterns. They help give your manicure a whole new look. :)
What I used:
Sally Hanson Super Shine, top coat.
NYC, in white
Avon, in
Love & Beauty (forever 21) in
c/o Dotting tools (the very small size)
first thing I did, was painted my nails a light purple and then painted one nail a different color, ( i just picked the color blue) and then used the dotting tools to create the daisy. I dipped the tools into the white paint and created little pedals, then added the yellow center for the daisy! :)


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