DIY: Washi Pencil Holder


 DIY!! Washi tape is just amazing. You could literally do anything with it. So today I decorated my pencil holder with my three favorite washi tapes. I just love the way it turned out and it cost me like three dollars. I love color and this is a great way to make your room very bright and cheerful! As you can see from the photo putting tape all over the pencil holder, isn't very hard, therefore I do not have any steps of how to do it yourself. I just though it was a great way to use washi tape and incorporate it in your room, or for your desk! 

                                             camera washi tape/courtesy of wimsicalcraftss ::


  1. that's super cute!! i love the vintagey tape the best!!!!! :)


  2. It looks adorable, Jenna! The pictures look great too :) Alex

  3. I've never heard of this tape but it's so pretty for decorating. I love candles too. They make the home so warm and cozy. I just put out an Autumn spice one in the kitchen. Frosted cupcake hmmmm, sounds nice.


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