In honor of today's celebration, I thought it would be only fitting to take a stroll down memory lane and remember all the wonderful times I've had with my mom during my childhood, along with sharing some traits I love about her. I am so grateful for who my mom is, and all the ways she's guided me through life. I truly don't know where I'd be without my own personal cheerleader, as I like to call her, because I can simply look over to the sidelines, and always count on her being there smiling and waving me on in absolutely anything I'm apart of or accomplishing.

Here are 12 things I cherish about my mom + our relationship (oh & yes, I'm speaking to my mom below, as if these are little letters I wrote to her).

Love you mom! xoxo, your favorite (oldest) daughter!

1. Your hospitality never ceases to amaze me. You welcome everyone and anyone into our home without a care, strangers, family or friends!

2. The night you brought home my dog Lily for my 13th Birthday, will forever be the best surprise.

3. Thank you for providing the best education possible. I say it all the time, but being homeschooled and having that classical foundation was the best thing for me and my growth. I wouldn't have been able to make it this far in college without your sacrifices for me during my entire 18 years at home with you.

4. Seeing Boys II Men live in concert with you has by far been the best night together! So thankful you passed on the good music to me.

5. You are authentic. One trait I've definitely learned from you is how to be real, authentic, and true to myself. You know who you are, and I love that you've never changed to please anyone else around you. Thank you for being who you are always, and in turn allowing me to witness and practice such confidence in the person I was called to be.

6. Moving to college won't be easy, and I'll miss you tons. No matter how much excitement and joy I have while preparing for August to arrive, I'm going to miss our family and your home cooked meals like crazy!

7. One sweet memory I have of us in Camarillo is when every time we made a stop to the car wash, you would buy Hannah and I mini Pizza Hut pizzas, as we would wait for our car to be done. Sounds simple, but it made my day as this errand became a moment we enjoyed together.

8. When I think of high school, junior year sticks out the most and I honestly believe it's because of those frequent Wednesday lunch and coffee dates we had, after you'd pick me up from school.

9. Mom you seriously don't know what it means to me in the way you still celebrate holidays for Hannah and I. What 20 year old still receives valentines day gifts, and an easter basket? You rock!

10. You are such a forgiving person, and that quality is such a beautiful one that shines through you.

11. I loved how you were our leader in Keeper's At Home. We don't talk about it much, but I loved that group and time of being with my friends. You always made it so much fun in the way we had to earn our badges. Badminton, and swimming were my favorite weeks.

12. Love you lots, and so blessed to have you in my life!


  1. So touching. You are a very thoughtful daughter!

  2. I cried. Thank you for reminding me how much I love my mom. I should appreciate her more.


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