hume lake!


 A few weeks ago my family and I spent a wonderful week at Hume Lake for our family vacation. The whole week was so peaceful, and relaxing. The lake and mountains were absolutely beautiful this year. We were able to do many fun things such as kayaking, hiking, and swimming. 

Through the week we had the privilege of running into deer, two different times. We were able to see some babies, which were so adorable because they looked like little mini Bambi's with their white spots all over!  I have seen many different wildlife in Hume such as a bear, blue jays, road runners, bald eagles, and wood pecker...but to me there is nothing like seeing deer!

 One afternoon we were down at the lake just floating and relaxing, and as the time started to pass by many dark clouds came our way. We were able to hear thunder and even see some lightning (which was scary yet amazing.) Thunder storms in the mountain seem to be my absolute favorite because they come and go within hours! Plus the view of the lake when the storm comes rolling in makes it look beautiful. So as we were in the water enjoying the sounds of thunder and the wind through the trees, it began to rain. It was the most amazing experience ever. Being able to float in the lake while it raining was so peaceful and calming. I loved the way the rain drops would touch the water making little ripples all around me. This for me was the perfect time to marvel at Gods creation!


  1. That place looks amazing! The picture with the deer is really beautiful. Looks like a week well spent! :)

  2. I love how you told your story of your family vacation with photos. So glad you had fun! God gave you lots of gifts to enjoy that day like the little Bambis. :D

  3. Wow that place is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Reminds me sooo much of 'the Parent Trap'! :) The old one, lol.

    Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!!!


  4. Looks like SO much fun- the water looks incredible and how fun is it that you saw deer!? Alex

  5. Lovely Blog :D Great stuff here!
    I am following you now on GFC and I hope you visit my blog and FOllow back too :D
    Red Alice

  6. beautiful place!
    lovely pics;)
    kisses x

  7. That last picture was gorgeous! That sounds like so much fun! It is so enjoyable to be in a lake while its raining! I love the mountains in those pictures! Where I live, there aren't any mountains! I so miss seeing their beauty! God is so good to give us such a beautiful, and wonderful earth! I just can't wait to see heaven's beauty!

  8. Sounds like such a fun holiday! The pictures are beautiful, and it's lovely that you got to see so many animals!

  9. So scenic! And it's always pleasant to run into a deer :)

  10. So scenic! And it's always pleasant to run into a deer :)

  11. Beautiful place,very nice photos! following:)

  12. beautiful photos I love the deer one best!
    xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  13. Amazing pictures! It looks like you had a very fun trip. I love the deer picture! :)
    I tagged you with the 50 random facts about me tag here:
    You don't have to do it if you don't want to. :)
    xo Rachelle

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    Hope this helps.

  15. This seriously looks perfect Jenna! Glad you got such a nice little getaway with the fam:)
    xo hannah

  16. that vacation was very fun


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