Back to School: What's in my backpack!


Back to school series #3! I know school has already started for most of you so I wanted to share with you what's in my backpack + some essentials I have to have. Be sure to comment for more back to school posts!

                                everything that's in my bag I bought at target. backpack is from tilly's. yellow stripped notebook is c/o.

Stuff that's in my backpack!

-yellow striped notebook because its adorable. and just great and super easy go-to for quick notes in class. p.s. you can find even more adorable notebooks just like this one here.
-a binder, cause that's the first thing everyone needs for school.
-a really cute sparkly pencil case. I love to put my calculator, pencil, high lighters, and pens in there.
-my iPod of course + headphones. so I don't get bored at lunch or waiting to be picked up.
-sunglasses because I think they add an adorable touch to any outfit.
-gum, because I tend to get really bored in class so it just gives me something to do. ha-ha
-sticky notes, cause they are my fav. as you guys already know :)
-baby lips chap stick.
-flash cards for when I need to write down very important things for math, science etc.

what are some of your go-to essentials that you put in your back pack?

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  1. So fun! Alex

  2. You have the cutest backpack!(: I love the gif as well--such fun!

    Decked Out in Ruffles

    1. Thanks. It's my first time ever doing a GIF so I had fun with it. :)

  3. Omg that backpack is so cute! I like floral prints ^^


  4. super cute!! Do you use papermate flair pens too? I thought I saw them in your pencil case.. Those are one of my school essentials! I also love the 5 star flex binder because they are way lighter and thinner than a normal binder but it works just like one :)

  5. Awesome! :) Have fun at school!

  6. when did you go back to school? you guys go back to school so early! we don't go back till september 3rd here :)

    1. I technically go back the 4th of Septemeber , but everyone out here started August 10th.

  7. i LOOOOVE your backpack!!! sooo adorable!!! :)


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  9. I love this post, so juicy! I'm such a nerd. I love that backpack and the yellow notebook too! I love back to school stuff! Thank you for sharing with us. That was so much fun to read and see. :)

  10. Super cute backpack! And I love the sunnies too :)

  11. I just nominated you for the Liebster Award!

    Check it out here:

  12. Good luck going back to school! It looks like you are packed and ready to go :D

  13. Love the creative gif you incorporated here! Senior year awaits me... blessings to your own school year. :)

    Aspirer ♥

  14. Loving your essentials! Your backpack is so sweet! Love the print!
    Great start to the year!

  15. You have the cutest backpack in the entire world!!! Love it!

  16. -notebook-love! Mine aren't nearly that pretty.
    -binder-ah yes, binders. I had to bring four, but I made cute covers.
    -pencil case-my word, you have the best supplies. I have the same things in mine. It's adorable with a black paisley pattern.
    -my iPod of course + headphones-essential!
    -sunglasses-they don't let us wear them here.:(
    -gum-lucky, we're not allowed to chew it!I keep mints instead.
    -sticky notes-love these!
    -baby lips-I love mine!
    -flash cards-I use these all the time.


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