ahu, Hawaii! I'm here to announce that I will be taking a trip to Oahu for one week after my graduation with my close friend and her family. I'm so excited, and I plan on vlogging the whole trip (as much as I can). We have a lot planned already, so I know there will be lots of photos to share here on the blog. I have decided to label all the Hawaii posts "Postcards from Oahu," and my goal is to only have 3 parts (maybe;). I've been to Hawaii before, when I went to Maui last year with my family and Alex from Into the Woods! I LOVED Maui and the experience of Hawaii culture + blue water. I'm really not a beach girl, but the water in Maui was my favorite and I enjoyed every minute of it.

By the time this post goes up I'll be packing and getting ready to leave, so I decided to share a little guide of what I'm definitely going to be packing. Not everything in the collage are my items exactly, but some are pretty dang close! I leave the day after my highschool graduation, so it's going to be a busy packing, and preparing for my trip and grad night! Looking forward to my summer, and exciting trip to Oahu! If you have been to Oahu and have any travel guide tips or places you loved seeing...leave them in the comments below because I'd love to check it out when I'm there! Keep your eye out for some Hawaii photos and be sure to follow me via Instagram (jennaleigh_0) so I can spam your feed with Oahu photos!

1. A Good Book - I'm taking along "Beauty" from Lauren Conrad, and I've so excited to finally open it and learn some tips! I'm hoping to get in a lot of reading while soaking up some sun! Gotta crank out my summer reading list!

2. Floppy Hat - In the collage I displayed a roxy beach hat, which will most likely be my go-to instead of a floppy hat, but I'm going to pack both just in case. My scalp is the first thing that gets burned so I plan on wearing it 24/7.

3. Body Spray & Lotion - Oahu! Yes, this is the lotion I will be taking with me to Hawaii...literally one of my favorite summer scents from Bath & Body!

4. Sunglasses - Obviously these are a must have, and I've bringing along my aviators that I actually purchased in Maui when I lost mine!

5. Beach Towel - Okay this one is kinda self explanatory...but I just picked up a really cute one from HomeGoods a few days ago. Plus bringing your own items from home makes me feel more comfortable while traveling.

6. Swim Suit - I'm bringing three, because I hate wearing a wet bathing suit! I barely wear swimsuits because I'm not a water person so mine are super old, yet look brand new! Excited to pull them out for the trip.

7. Shorts - Yes I know, everyone wears shorts...but I had to include it because it's a must for me when walking on the beach and to throw over when wearing my swimsuit!

8. Flip Flops - My absolute favorite are from Roxy, and it doesn't matter which pair! I could wear flip flops in the rain, or sunshine. Even though I love Roxy, I'm probably going to have to find a cheaper pair just so I won't ruin them, but we'll see!

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