eeding some ideas to do this summer? I gotcha covered because I came up with 5 summer activity ideas! All of these activities are perfect when you're wanting to do something a little out of the ordinary, plus doesn't involve too much money! If I left out any awesome ideas leave them in the comments below, because I'd love to have other ideas for myself as well! Hope you enjoy, and find these helpful!

This is such a fun activity with friends! In Orange County there's an outside mall that has this ferris wheel (shown in the photo above), and my favorite is to go on at night when all the lights come on. I love this activity because it's something totally different, and very special because it's something you can't do everyday!

 Not able to relax by the water? No problem; instead meet up with some friends for some refreshing smoothies. I love doing this and I think it's the perfect mix-up for summer instead of coffee dates. Yes, coffee is great but for a summer day I enjoy my fruit flavored drinks!

This may sound pathetic, but I'm not a beach person. So the fact that I am sharing this activity is kinda funny; but hey, soaking up some sun equals the perfect summer day! This photo was taken in Maui from my trip about two summers ago. Maui is the one place I can truly say I LOVE the beach, because the water is absolutely beautiful and clear. I suppose the jetty in Oceanside here in So-Cal will have to do!

Woo exercising! For me a hike is such a fun outing and something completely different than my normal summer activities! Whether it's the mountains, backroad trail, by the beach, or an actual hiking trail at a plateau. It's nice to get out into the wilderness and enjoy some country air, while having a beautiful view when you reach the top!

This is one of my favorites, attending a baseball game! Honestly, I just go for the cotton candy, and hot dogs - haha. I'm personally a Yankee's fan, but for the night I blend in and agree to root for the Angels which is my family's team! What's better than watching a baseball game live in action during the summer? 


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