8.11.2015 O‘ahu, Hawaii, USA

his photo shoot has been the one I've been saving, because it was taken back when I traveled to Oahu. Sadly, it is the only outfit shoot I captured in Oahu, unlike my Maui trip. But, I couldn't be happier with the lighting and plumeria flower in my ear! Looking back on these photos, make me miss this little corner of paradise! It was such a peaceful week. Hawai'i was such an inspiring place for me, and I gathered so many thoughts and ideas for my blog! I've been home now for over a month, and my editorial calendar is now filled with many wonderful posts and I have this ocean blue water to blame!

Where I captured these photos was my favorite spot at where we stayed. Off the patio some narrow stairs lead down to our private beach, and every time I would walk down, I felt like I was in a movie. Green, beautiful flowers covered the whole bottom steps, making it impossible to step down without the branches touching the top of your head, and blocking the view. It reminded me of those moments in a movie when the main characters would walk in the jungle and move a big leaf curtain that hid a beautiful view. Yes, this is exactly how I felt. You can see it from these photos too, the branches totally hide the ocean view when coming down the stairs! Anyways, I'm glad I captured these photos here, to remind me exactly how I felt in these moments when I'd walk down these steps!


  1. You are so cute! These are perfect summer photos!

  2. Very cute. :) Lovely scenery! I want to jump into that water.

  3. What beautiful pictures and memories of Hawaii.
    Love the idea how you put flower. Look simple but pretty.

  4. Such a stunning place, and you look so pretty in all of these photos!! Love that gorgeous flower in your hair! xo

  5. SO so beautiful! You look like a Hawaiian princess <3 Alex


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