andles are a slight obsession of mine! I've even made my friend a tad bit obsessed as well (you know who you are:). I have so many candles in my room, I need to buy a basket for my closet for a place to store them. I have a candle for every season, so I'm bringing out my summer candles and talking about my three faves. My favorite place to buy candles is Bath & Body Works, and also Anthropology! Each brands burn for a long time without the smell fading, plus the scent of the candle always burns better than it smells!

The candle shown above is Vanilla Coconut from Bath & Body Works and it smells like Hawaii! It reminds me of a tropical island because the coconut is so sweet. This candle has a beautiful ombre jar and it looks beautiful when lit. 

                                                COCONUT MILK MANGO

I absolutely love this candle, it's probably my favorite one I own! They also have a perfume in this scent which i also own, I just can't seem to get enough of this scent! I love the tin jar that it comes in, and the size it perfect for my room. This candle burns up to 50 hours, and I bought it for around twenty dollars! You can find it at Anthropologie. So yes I'm obsessed with cute notebooks, candles, Starbucks, but I'm also a sucker when it comes to adorable packing!! This candle is the perfect example of just that.

                                          VANILLA CUPCAKE 

This candle is practically all used up, but I had to share it anyway. This one is from Bath & Body Works, and is your classic cupcake scent. Nothing is special about this candle, other than the fact that this sweet scent doesn't give me a headache like some others will. I love candles that are sweet and dessert like chocolate, doughnuts, brownie, or cake batter. So if you like these types of scents too, then you'll like vanilla cupcake for sure.

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