Sometimes advice is the most helpful thing in the world. But other times it can be difficult to hear depending on your desires or values.

1. Go to a university as a freshman
Going to a university as a transfer student has it's difficulties, but so worth it! I truly believe it depends on your personality, because I don't regret it at all. I was never ready to leave home and chose a major to stick with. Those two years prepared me for where I am now, and all that I have to face. You do not have to be a freshman to experience college at a university.

2. Experience Prom
So do not regret missing this opportunity. I went to homecoming with two of my friends, and it was not all that people make it out to be. Plus, years later the populars never stay friends.

3. Don't go home on the weekends
I could literally write a whole blog post on this, but being away at university comes with many challenges. One's that so many people around me believed I need to face on my own, away from home and family. I tried living up to this expectation, but within three weeks realized it wasn't for me. College does not have to enjoyed on the weekends, no matter what anyone says.

4. Just ignore it. 
Ever been in a situation when something unhealthy goes on? A place that brings uneasiness to your soul? Where you know you must speak up and direct the problem? Oh good, than I'm not alone. This is by far the worst piece of advice I've ever received. I am a firm believer in facing an issue head on, and solving the solution so you can move on without any more hurt.

5. You can't handle it. 
I love being able to prove people wrong. This advice can apply to literally everything in life. You can't handle that career move, amount of pressure, or homework load. It can be small, or huge. This is the moment when I'm able to rise to the occasion, and let that moment make me stronger.


  1. Love these! I transferred into university after 2 years a local community college. I felt more than prepared at that point then I would've been at 18.

  2. Love this! Goes to show that everyone is different!

  3. Oh totally! Everyone is different!

  4. Everyone is different and you need to own your own choices! Often time people give recommendations out of their experiences. IT is important to know which advice to follow and which ones to let go of! I find that prayer is so helpful with discerning things!!


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