Well, if you are single and free (like me) on Valentines Day, then don't be ashamed and throw a movie marathon night with your girlfriends. Provide chocolate, popcorn, and the best chick flicks and you'll realize no boys are needed! 

Below are some of my all time favorite love story films perfect for the occasion that's on it's way. After a special dinner and dessert my mom usually prepares for my family, I'm sure it will follow with an exchange of gifts, and then gettin' cozy while watching one of these films below! How do you plan on spending your Valentine's night? 

1. // The Vow. I love this movie so much, and it's based on a true story which makes it all the more powerful, and believable in today's Hollywood romance stories. Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum are just fabulous together. This love story is my absolute favorite of all time. It shows true commitment and love for one another. I hope to have a connection like the sweet couple in this film, that forever binds them together no matter what's thrown their way. 

2. // The Wedding Planner. The main stars in this one is Jennifer Lopez, and my favorite Matthew McConaughey. This is such a sweet and romantic film. Jennifer Lopez plays a girl who's the best wedding planner in the city, and falls for the groom of one of the brides she's working for. I can't say anymore without giving away spoilers, so you'll have to watch it for yourself to find out the ending! 

3. // The Proposal. Time for a laugh? Pop this movie in, and you'll be laughing all night. Ryan Reynolds, and Sandra Bullock do an incredible job together. Sandra Bullock plays the top novelist editor in New York city, and is forced to spend a weekend with her assistant in Sitka, Alaska and from there the rest is comical. Through the entire movie they share a "hate relationship" but at the end of the weekend their lie becomes reality! This is the perfect movie to set a lighthearted evening with your girlfriends. 

4. // Dear John. Another Nicholas Sparks movie, because in my book his love stories are just the best. And another film starring Channing Tatum (no complaints here!). I view this film less of a love story, and more of breakup but with a hopeful ending. I love the way they met in the beginning of the movie, and that their home is in Charleston. There's one emotional scene when they have dinner and talk things through after year of being with each other, which is why I love Dear John so much because of the many intense conversations! 

5. // Leap Year. This one involves no tears, and some laughter. It's a bit on the cheesy side for me, but it's still a great innocent love story. It's all based in Ireland, with some awesome Irish accents! Amy Adams is the actress and she does a good job. It's about a gal who decides to propose to her boyfriend of four years, in Ireland because of their tradition that one day out of the whole year a female can pop the question. She ends up having to take a few detours along the way, but it includes a cute Irish guy helping her along. It's a perfect movie for Valentine's Day. 


  1. Yay for movie nights! I love the Proposal! It's one of my favorite romantic comedies. I'm not much for any Nicholas Sparks type movie- too sad! I'd rather watch something lighthearted and laugh a little.

  2. I am a self-proclaimed romcom queen, and can vouch for the brilliance that is all of these movies. I think this is a lovely post pre-valentines, and a perfect way to spend the day.

    Do you like know/like the movies on the Hallmark Channel? I am obsessed with their movies!


    1. Hey Steph! Yes I love Hallmark - it's a bit cheesy, a little hard to watch sometimes, but I enjoy the stories especially in the Christmas season!

  3. I have seen them all!
    Dora xx


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