Today is my 20th birthday, and I'm getting all the feels. Today I woke up with my family always so loving and ready to celebrate my day, ton's of social media messages, and sweet phone calls from loved ones. To celebrate we are exploring some Southern Cali, so hopefully a post on that in a few days! I'm so excited to begin this new chapter of my life, and knowing what's ahead already I know it's going to be great. It's also a little scary reaching this stage, as everything comes with more responsibility. Anyways, I tend to be a little too sentimental, which calls for a post like this one today! Every year of being a teenager was provided with amazing memories, and growth, but with of course lessons that had to be learned the hard way, and some heartache. So, I've broken it down into age...& here's what I wish I knew then.

13 // DON'T COMPARE: At thirteen, entering into being a teen, it felt like a whole new world compared to Jr. High. High school wasn't magical like 'High School Musical' promised me it would be, so therefore having to fit in with everyone else set in pretty fast. The lesson I learned this year was don't compare, because in the end it will never feel right being anything but yourself.

14 // KILL OTHERS WITH KINDNESS: I still have to take my own advice on this one. Life was amazing at 14, and this lesson truly helped me succeed, and make friends.

15. // BE A LEADER. I have always been able to stand up for who I am, and take charge of any situation. At fifteen though I felt my life become like the song by Taylor Swift "Fifteen," ha! Imagine that! So this year my leadership skills were constantly tested!

16. // SAY YES MORE. This year was the end of friendships, and the beginning of some beautiful ones (yes, my bestie Alex)! Saying yes, and conquering some fears was the theme of being sixteen.

17. // POPULARITY DOESN'T MATTER. Oh, contrary of what the girls around me strived for, it truly doesn't matter in the long run. I look back on the so call popular girls in my circles, who are college drop outs, still single, and not even friends anymore.

18. // ENJOY THE AGE. Oh my, the older I get the more this advice/lesson comes into play. At eighteen, it's a weird transition of being a teen/adult. This year I got my license, attended Boys II Men concert, and bought my first car! 18 was so fun! Dare to say one of my faves?

19. // ALWAYS BE A BLONDE. I can't say this enough. Stop experimenting with being a brunette. I'm still reaping the consequences. :(

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