Last summer, (I know forever ago) I started a DIY project with my grandpa, and we created this very bookshelf you see in the photos! I really wanted a place in my room to display all my journals, and coffee table reads because my space is limited in my bedroom, so hence my online search began...only to discover it was going to cost me over $400. Darn my Pottery Barn taste, haha. My grandpa can build anything, especially with wood. So our two hour adventure into Lowe's Hardware, my grandpa's woodworking talent, two days worth of painting, my beautiful pottery barn inspired bookshelf was finished. And the best part, it only cost about $150 in supplies!!

My bookshelf is now finally decorated with pieces I love dearly, so I wanted to share with you all today some easy ways to style your own bookshelf! I've taken many pieces from here and there to create this look, so it has taken awhile for me to figure out my style. I experimented with different books, colors, and pieces, all of which I kept and tossed over these few months, so I think I'm ready to share a few tips that hopefully help you all today!

1. GREENERY: Add plants! Yes, it's that simple. I found this succulent holder at HomeGoods for around twenty dollars. I absolutely how it adds a fresh pop of color, and the texture of the wood helps considering how white everything is! Oh, and I always say fake plants are the way to go here on a bookshelf. I tried a live succulent in a DIY pot I made a while back, but I found it too difficult to water, and then once I did, it never ended back on the shelf because the pot leaked soil and water all the time.

2. CHOOSE A COLOR PALETTE: This is why it took me forever to truly love the overall look to my bookshelf. I knew I wanted everything to be white, and bright, so I decided on soft colors. As you see I have a lot of the same colors, just in different shades to add contrast. Not everything has to match, but if you prefer more structure, just place it all in some type of storage container.

3. PLACE BOOKS STRATEGICALLY: When adding books to my shelfs, I didn't want it to look all messy, or out of place. I wanted everything to match with my palette, and thus I began to display each set of books differently on each shelf. As you see, I place my books vertically leaning on the side, and stacked upon each other!

4. USE STORAGE: My bookshelf also serves as a tv stand in my bedroom, so I needed a place for my movies, remotes, etc. To add more variety to each shelf, I used a blue whitewash crate for my movies, a black iron basket for extra journals, and at the very bottom a brown iron crate with handles that holds small craft jars. For a tiny space, I try to decorate for my aesthetic, but also for practical function.

5. ADD THE EXTRA'S: This part was my favorite. Decorate with little items that mean the most to you. They can be candles, little figurines, photo frames, artwork, or vases. Your options are limitless!


  1. Great bookshelf! Fun that you made it with your grandpa.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. These are such great tips- and your shelves look so cool + clean!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. Thank you Ashley! Clean is exactly what I was going for :)

  3. Love love this! Thanks for share

    Mónica Sors

  4. Beautiful bookshelf!
    I made a shelf last month but it was just for displaying knickknacks. :)

    1. Oh that's great! I have some floating shelfs that contain little souvenirs while traveling, and picture frames, in my room to give it that homey feel, instead of being so staged!

  5. love the candles and vases. Thanks for sharing these great tips! xx


  6. Aw, these are such great tips! It's on my April goal list to completely restyle and consolidate the book shelf in my office... I'll be saving this article for inspiration! xo


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