I love the weekend, and since I've been working it seriously could not come soon enough. I usually let my backpack fall on the floor, toss my phone on my bed, and literally crash as soon as I reach my bedroom. This semester I haven't been stressed, or worried about finishing up my homework, and fitting in life along side too. But, this semester I have been tired, and by Friday I'm over my busy schedule.

You think I'd be a pro at enjoying my weekend, but only because of Pinterest. The truth is that once my weekend comes, I create two extremes. I either do everything, and then wish I had a weekend, or do absolutely nothing, and wish I had been more productive. There's just no in between. So, I've been trying to work on that, and I thought I'd pass my tips onto you, because I have a feeling I'm not alone in this area, amirite? You're welcome!

1. START CELEBRATING EARLY: My motivation during the week is getting everything done by Friday. The advantages to a college schedule I suppose! But, for us working gals, getting off at work around 5 (in my case 6), and then sitting in endless traffic all the way home, just isn't fun. But, try to prepare before hand, that way once you arrive home, or go out for the night everything is done and ready for a relaxing weekend. I prefer to do all my cleaning Thursday night, and upload every piece of homework!

2. DITCH NOTIFICATIONS: Life is so much more peaceful when I ditch all social media, and expectations to rely back to people. During my weekend sometimes, I turn my phone on airplane mode, that way I live in the moment.

3. PLAN AHEAD: There are so many ways I like to plan for my weekend. I will schedule dates with my friends, and buy all the snacks you may want, and make a list of all the ways you want your weekend to look like. One thing I love doing over the weekend is working on blog posts, and I like to start early during my week by making a brainstorming list!

4. ME TIME: This is my favorite. I love journaling, taking a bath, making phone calls with my girlfriends, catching up on 7th Heaven, or do some reading. Take a few hours out of your weekend to enjoy some special treatment for yourself.


  1. I like parties! I wish I can do this

  2. I am definitely taking note of this. Thank you.

  3. Me time is my favorite too! It's super refreshing.

  4. I will try this on weekend. Thanks for sharing some ideas


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