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hen I was attending Vanguard University last year, I had the best time exploring Orange County. There is SO much to do, and everything is so close by. Seriously, I could add so much more in my address book, so a small list is below linked with their website, or my Instagram photo from my visit.

I pulled quite a few places that cater to all cities in OC, such as Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and Laguna Beach! Orange County has so many trendy coffee houses, healthy restaurants, large shopping malls with expensive brands, and gorgeous beaches. It has to be said that my favorite beach is Newport, I just felt so at peace there.

You've probably seen a few of my past blog posts when I traveled certain areas, and I had to include them all together. This isn't a very extensive guide, but their my perfect keepsakes for when I travel to OC at any time. Do you have any favorite hangouts in the OC area? Share below, I love exploring new spots.

Milk & Honey


This place has the best mango iced tea! Like seriously, I wish this spot was in my hometown. Plus, it's absolutely adorable from out front. The only thing to watch out for is limited seating, and barely any parking. But, of course it depends on the time of the day in Orange County that makes those things a problem!


Okay, I love this place so much! They have a cute coffee shop and many one of a kind shops. Because this is in Newport Beach, the shops tends to be on the pricey side, but it's still fun. There are also restaurants here too, which overlook the harbor!  I did a photoshoot here with my girlfriends, and it was the perfect mix of trendy meets classy with all the white and black strips everywhere. 


Heisler Park

Heisler Park is the perfect place to relax for the afternoon, or to catch a sunset. It was on my bucket-list, because of the beautiful cliffs, and they did not disappoint. But, I must warn you that on the weekend you'll be circling around the block (many times) for parking. I guess I should just state now that it is a part of the OC culture. Oh, and there are tons of benches and grass areas to enjoy the view from above, without being on the sand.

375 Cliff Dr, Laguna Beach 

Sidecar Donuts & Coffee 

If you want to find a unique flavored donut, than this is your place!! Inside is so Instagram worthy, (i.e. my photo) which is why I visited, haha. That's something I love about Orange County. They offer so many local businesses to support, one's you cannot find anywhere else. They also have great coffee and black iced tea! 

Pacific City 

Pacific city in Huntington Beach is seriously my favorite place in OC. All of my favorite stores such as Free People, Irene's Story, & Francesca's. Plus, a Lemonade restaurant is there. I did a photoshoot here with some friends, and it was so easy. Parking wasn't a hassle, but a tip from me to you is to park on the neighborhood streets, because the parking garage charges by the minutes (I had to learn the hard way).

21010 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach


If you want something sweet and refreshing, go to Popbar! It's inside The Lab, which is also a great place to do some shopping. It's a very unique outside mall, as you can find some trendy LA inspired art walls, and thrift stores.

Oh, and this place is right across the street from Milk and Honey! I wish I could back right now to make this summer heat bearable, haha!

2930 Bristol St, Costa Mesa


  1. Ahhh Popbar! When we lived in OC the only Popbar in the US was at the Anaheim Packing House and it was such a chore to get in there and find parking just to stand in line. I would looooove a pop from Popbar right now! Glad to see they're expanding!

  2. SO many good gems of places! I need to plan a trip there soon.

  3. I so wish I could live in SoCAl. It always seems so postcard perfect, with awesome food

  4. This is such a fun guide and love the lay out you used. So pretty!! And want to see all these spots, they look & sound amazing. Plus who can say no to a donut?! And me too, love our city for having so many local businesses - they're always my fave to support and check out!! xo

  5. This is such a wonderful guide! I enjoy your posting style!
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