ollege life is so different than I imagined, yet in the best possible way ever! It's kept me super busy, and my free time is used for studying and social hangouts. It's been a challenge creating content on the blog without it all being a much of advice/tip column type posts. Living in my dorm, with one roommate has made it hard to shoot, and the natural light is nothing like my room at home. I absolutely love blogging, it's a way I document my life happenings and thoughts. It's such a special place for me to be creative, yet reserve all my memories. Therefore running a blog while attending at University isn't easy, and honestly if it wasn't for the magic of prescheduling before I moved in, I probably wouldn't have this post up today!

All of these things at college have changed the process of how I create, and schedule my blog posts, so I've had to begin brainstorming, and set up a new routine, because my prescheduled posts are all out lol. Plus in the process of learning I've gathered a few tips I thought I'd share with you!

1. Ditch the pressure. 
Don't let this unwanted pressure of having to keep up with everything stop you from blogging all together. If you can't post as often as you normally did don't stress. I've allowed myself to ditch this pressure in order to continue love blogging.

2. Change the focus. 
Oh boy has this one been difficult, yet so needed at the same time! I've sure you'll be noticing how here pretty soon how much my blog has shifted gears and turned into a college girls blog, rather than a pure lifestyle blog full of recipes and beauty, because my prescheduled posts are running! But that's okay because as I continue to grow and change the older I become so will my blog. I want my blog to display the life and adventures I experience at that exact moment.

3. Be personal. 
I'm already pretty personal here on the blog, but I believe this to be so true as I'm slowly transitioning into my college experience. I hope to always show the good (& bad) with my feelings on how I develop here at Vanguard.

4. Share your growth. 
I'm learning so much about who I am, what I can handle, and what I dislike while I'm figuring out life on my own, since I moved out of my parents home. My tip to all college gals is to find a way to truly show your growth through a certain type of posts. On my blog I love sharing monthly goals, or life lately series which are able to show where I'm at in life!


  1. Such great tips, no matter the season or current life situation. And I must say, whenever I ditch the pressure... I really do fall in love with blogging again. So important to keep the fun and creativity alive! Also, thank you SO much for your hair compliments. Couldn't be happier with it!! xo

  2. I started my blog in college... and it was one of the best decisions ever! I landed my first career because they loved my "entrepreneurial spirit" and experience with social media! xo


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