f you can remember way back when...I wanted to dedicate five days in a row to one particular topic or concept in my life to encourage discipline or perhaps just spark a new interest in my life. I wrote this down for in 2017 new years resolutions, but it unfortunately never stuck. Perhaps it was my lack of motivation or choice of theme to keep me going all five long days in a row, lol.

This time around I thought long and hard on something I need to be doing, just as much as I would like to as well. My want/need combo really worked for me as I began to focus on self care in a way that I regretted not doing it sooner. In the end my mindset as to how I see my self care regiment began to change. Now I try super hard to bring it into my me-time during the afternoon, so that I never lose sight of why and how I can form some self care love for myself (more on that below)!

Day 1. Make a Sugar Scrub & Use It. // I made this DIY recipe, and I loved the way my shower time was filled with such yummy scents of vanilla and brown sugar. Making my own scrub helped me take some time to focus on myself. I love being able to be crafty and resourceful on my own. Plus it left my skin smooth and hydrated.

Day 2. Sun Tan While Reading. // On Tuesday I put my bathing suit on, laid out my beach towel on the lawn, and read a magazine. My intension was to read a book, but it's not exactly what you do in the moment, it's more about carving out that moment that matters. I spent about 25 minutes laying in the sun to tan, and it felt wonderful.

Day 3. Light a Candle & Blog. // This was such a fun time!! I didn't set any time length as to how long I was going to let myself blog and be on the internet, rather just took my time and stopped when I wished. I use to always light candles, I mean I only own six in my bedroom! This made my room feel like a little retreat spot.

Day 4. Deep Condition My Hair // On Thursday I didn't have a lot of time to really practice self care, so to squeeze it in, I conditioned my hair after I took a night shower. It was simple and quick, but so needed as my hair is so fine!

Day 5. Listen to Old Tunes. // I decided to create a playlist filled with oldies but goodies of my childhood country music days! Country music are my roots, and finding certain songs were a blast to listen to, as I truly forgot about my love for Michele Branch, and The Wreckers.

What I learned...days are short and busy. They don't go as planned. One minute I'm productive the next unmotivated. I have appointments, errands to run, and people to visit. But, taking 2-45 minutes of self care activities help me feel more put together, happy, and beautiful. I didn't except such small activities to boost my mood like they did. Taking moments for myself is suppose to create a healthy mindset as to how I view myself, and wanting to feel more refreshed through my emotions and moods. Am I important enough to care for? Important enough to fix, or change? YES! This challenge has taught me to appreciate the small steps of truly caring for myself!


  1. YAY! I love this!! What a great idea!!

  2. ooooh! I love all of those things, especially the first three!! I'll have to try those out while my babies are napping

  3. Using a sugar scrub is always a good idea! And I like your idea for day 5 where you talk about making an "oldies" playlist. My mom used to play old country music a lot when we were little, and I'm trying to get back into listening to that genre of music!


    1. YES country music are my roots, and honestly it wasn't until a few weeks ago I decided to find some old artists I love, because my station on the radio is just filled with new music that isn't very 'country' anymore, it's like everyone is turning to pop instead.

  4. I'm loving these 5 ways! I'm always about some sugar scrub and candles and old tunes!
    Great tips lady!

  5. I love all these tips!! I haven't done a sugar scrub in so long! They're so fun too.

    1. Thanks Caitlin! A sugar scrub is an essential for me especially in the summer. Let me know if you try one. :)


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