h my it's July already! I hope you all had a great 4th. I used the day as a time to relax and enjoy the fire works show. I'm facing July with excitement but also a bittersweet attitude as it's my last full month at being home before VU. I still have so many things I want to accomplish on my bucket list for the summertime, along with gathering everything for my move out weekend. I have a lot to add below for my goals so let's hop in today's post.

My June goals were...

1. Make My Bed Everyday | I did this!! Woo-hoo. It felt so good to take action and be productive first thing every morning. It is a small action, but my habit stuck.

2. Find A New Journal | I did not find one yet. I have been searching on Rifle Paper and Anthropologie, but I want to wait til I find one in person while shopping.

3. Finish My Novel | Yes! Expect a book club discussion at the end of the month!

4. Do 4 Photoshoots For The Blog | I managed to do this one too. I have a few posts scheduled in my box and that makes me so happy!

5. Send Snail Mail | I was able to send my sister a total of three letters this month! She loved receiving them, and I realized how much I missed the joy of writing in pretty stationary.

My goals for July...

1. Have Everything Done For VU | This includes all last minute shopping for dorm supplies, paper work, loans, and clothes shopping. I don't want to stress over anything come August.

2. Blog 10 Times | I really would love to break out ten posts this month. In June I published a total of six. I've been doing so good this summer but the more the better right? I hope this stretches my creativity in photography and blogging post ideas.

3. Deep Cleanse My Room | Oh my! I made a list today and I have a lot to keep myself busy! Underneath my bed needs to be sorted through, wardrobe collection, junk drawers, dusting, etc.

4. Try 3 New Hairstyles | My hair is a little short right now, mostly because I didn't know what 2 inches were when I told my hairdresser to go ahead and chop that much off! Wheres the monkey emoji covering it's eyes? haha. Even though I have loved it being straight, I would love to have more go-to styles especially for college. Now is the perfect time to play around with my Pinterest pins.

5. Bible Journal | I was super big into this hobby of mine but then stopped for no good reason. I want to get back in it, and also spend more time reading the Word.


  1. What awesome goals! Best wishes!

  2. I love when I get all my blog shoots done so I have more content. That's awesome that you got them done:)

  3. These are great goals! I definitely need to get more in the habit of sending snail mail AND making my bed everyday!! :)

  4. These are awesome goals! I also need to take more photoshoots for the blog - especially since I've been scheduling a lot of posts in preparation for the upcoming school year. Grat goals!

    1. Yes! I find that it helps so much, and since I'll be living in the dorm this coming semester it will be needed so much!!

  5. These are great goals! Good luck with them and enjoy your college experience!


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