auren Graham will forever be my favorite actress! So naturally, I picked up her book "Talking As Fast As I Can," as quickly as I could. When I heard she was discussing Gilmore Girls in an entire chapter in her book, I literally did the happy dance. Her book was too fun to read, and I loved getting to know more about her childhood, and journey to becoming a actress. I can't even remember or count for that matter, how many times I laughed my head off while reading certain pages. Spoiler alert; she is actually the same gal as Lorelei! Or, at least she writes, and talks like it - the two qualities that make Lorelei the best gal ever, or in this case Lauren Graham.

Okay enough babbling on, my love for Lorelei Gilmore is pretty evident, so let me share a few things I love in her novel.

1. Rabbit trails.
Boy does she take off and run with side notes, and leading her readers down rabbit holes. It's something I love, because in Gilmore Girls this is the way she explains herself. One thought will come out during a story or explanation and therefore you gain more info than needed. In the beginning of the book she talks a lot about her childhood, and what her relationship was like with her father. As she's recalling a particular memory she stops and adds in an entire monologue of her and her dad's conversation on the phone. Little things like this pops up throughout the whole novel, and it makes it all so personal as if she's having a conversation with you over coffee.

2.  Gilmore Girls.
Best chapter ever. Hearing about all the effort and ways this show came together was truly a miracle. Between the casting, hours, and competition with other tv shows, it all created many situations that could have stopped Gilmore Girls all together. Lauren talks a lot about how fun it all was because of how easy it was to become family with the whole cast. She talks a lot about how the hours were long and tiring, as the scripts would take hours to read through. Hence her famous talking fast reputation. They had to make it happen with 45 minutes on the air. You'll have read this chapter for yourself because I can't express how amazing it truly is!

3. Fame isn't pure glory. 
Lauren shared her journey on how difficult it was to break into Hollywood as an actress. To pursue her dream she spent years after college working two jobs, and barely having the money to be apart of certain institutions for the arts. I often imagine directors pursing their own cast by personally hiring their leading roles, but she also shed light on the challenges of auditions. To play a certain character the contract was never handed, yet earned after hours or months even to convince the directors to pick you. The spotlight of fame that comes with getting your dream job isn't often enjoyed because of the hours it takes to memorize the script, shoot all the scenes, be present at premiere events, and then promote and advertise where needed to keep the show going during off season of shooting. It may seem wonderful from the fan girls point of view, but for eight years she literally breathed, ate, and slept Gilmore Girls in order to become so famous. Made me realize such hard work that had to take place in order for this to be done.


  1. Love this book! I did a review on it a few months ago and felt the same way. She has a lot of great advice!

  2. Fun!! I always love reading books like this! I was never into gilmore girls but it was so huge for so many people!

    1. Oh i know! Because of Netflix it's produced a new generation of Gilmore Girl fans (a.k.a me, haha).


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