y best friend Alex said 'I do' to the love of her life on June 3rd, and I was by her side as her bridesmaid. I flew out to Virginia for her big day, and I'm so happy I did. The wedding was beautiful and as you can tell from the photos, it felt like a hidden forest as the venue was covered with big beautiful trees, and the sunlight just made it all so magical. Alex has been my best friend since freshman year of high school, so it truly was such a joy to watch her grow and change through this special journey in her life. I couldn't be more happy! 

This wedding was my first experience as being a bridesmaid, and it was truly the best. From supporting your bestie, attending the bridal shower, picking out the dress, walking down the isle holding a boutique, to dancing like crazy with the wedding party is everything I love about being a bridesmaid! Here are 12 thoughts + memories of the wedding and trip from VA. 


1. My favorite thing about being a bridesmaid is being able to be involved in the whole process leading up to the wedding day. Seeing and participating behind the scenes of the event is so memorable. 

2. I caught the brides boutique! How awesome it that? I can cross that off my bucket-list haha. 

3. Virginia was so beautiful. Lynchburg is so different than Williamsburg, in the fact there are rolling hills with beautiful farm houses. Williamsburg feels like a closed in forest because of all the trees which is something I hate. But, oh my word it was so humid. 

4. I learned that Virginia's state slogan that can be found on every license plate is "Virginia is for lovers." 

5. Exploring Liberty University was so fun. It was massive, and so beautiful with all the brick buildings. 

6. Dancing to Sweet Home Alabama was my favorite. 

7. In the photos you can see that I changed my hair up a little bit with a half up do, and I loved trying something new. 

8. I loved that Alex had flower girls! I don't know why, but seeing flower girls pose for the camera with the bride kneeling down is just the iconic wedding photo! I must have flower girls at my wedding, haha. 

9. When the bride makes her grand entrance down the isle, I prefer to watch the grooms reaction instead because it's such a special moment when he see's his bride for the first time. 

10. I hope to be a bridesmaid many more times! 

11. Being able to do a sparkler exit at the end of the night was too cute. Before that day I had never used sparklers and now I'm obsessed. Would love to have this for my wedding one day. 

12. So thankful for this trip and I will remember it forever. 


  1. Those bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous! What a beautiful color.

  2. These photos are beautiful!
    I'm glad you loved VA and especially Lynchburg! I grew up very close to there and know it so well. I even went to LU for a couple of years.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! =)

    1. Oh my goodness, that's so awesome!! Yeah LU is such a great school & completely massive. haha. I finally believed my friend when she said from her dorm to classes it was a 30min walk!! Thank you for stopping by <3

  3. Such beautiful photos!! I have never actually been a bridesmaid, but it would be so much fun. I caught the bouquet once and it was the best thing ever. It took 4 years to work though haha!

    1. Thank you Autumn!! Oh I absolutely loved catching it, I told my bestie (the bride) to throw it long, haha & it worked!

  4. You look beautiful and the photos are great! Glad you had a fun time!

  5. The photos look great and that looks like you had a amazing time!

  6. These photos are so beautiful! The bride looked lovely and I liked that you all wore dresses in similar colour, not completely the same. :-)

    Almost Stylish

    1. I loved that too Kati! Not every bridesmaid has the same style or body type so it allowed more freedom which was great for me.

  7. I'm glad you enjoyed your experience as a bridesmaid! I hope that you get many more experiences as you wish to have!!

    Heba xx
    The Heba

  8. I just saw this and oh how I love it. Girl I can't wait for your big day:) I love the sincere and true joy shining out of you in every picture, just pure happiness to be next to your best friend on her happy day! :) love so much love


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