ow! I can't believe a whole week has flown by in June already! It just seemed like I was writing out my May goals haha. I suppose that's what happens when traveling is involved...it just throws me for a loop with time and dates! I landed back in CA on June 4th, so I believe that's why I'm all over the place.

I enjoy doing these types of posts so much, I hope you do too! So let's take a look into how I accomplished my goals from the month prior, and see the one's I hold for June as well!

Back in May my goals were...

1. Go To The Gym 25 Times | Nope, I didn't even come close. This totally blows, but then perhaps June will be a better month for me.

2. Preschedule 4 Posts for ABH, While I Leave For College | I have two prescheduled and it feels to good! I love being organized, and I don't wish to have my blog lacking as I begin Vanguard!

3. Purchase at Least 10 Items For My Dorm | Yes! Conquered this one. I still need so many items, but I have so many decor items that will really complete my overall beachy, boho vibe in my dorm!

4. Figure Out a Summer Job | I have decided on not working this summer, as I will be full time with summer classes.

5. Wash my Car Every Weekend | I believe I only did this maybe two times. Uhh I need to be more declined in this area. Why is this so hard to do? Haha.

Okay now onto my June goals...

1.  Make My Bed Everyday | I may be cheating on this one because I know I can accomplish this one! I love a clean room, and in the summer I have lots of time to do so!

2. Find a New Journal | I really want to have a new journal when I start college in the fall that way my memories and feelings can be wrapped up in my last two years and experience at Vanguard.

3. Finish My Novel | I've started reading the Magnolia Story, and it's so good. But making time for it is the hard part. I just need to replace my Netflix time, with reading this novel.

4. Do 4 Photoshoots for the Blog | I have over five drafts just sitting in my inbox waiting to be published for the blog, but I'm missing photos. So I need to spend time and bring the camera out and have fun.

5. Send Snail Mail | My sister left all summer to work up in Hume Lake and I already miss her so much! My goal is to send her lots of cards because I know that will cheer her up from being so homesick!


  1. small goals are always great to reach your bigger goals! :") i wish you get to fulfill them all this month! :D

    xoxo, rae

  2. Good luck with your goals! 25 times to go to the gym is a lot!

    Corinne x

    1. Yes it is! Perhaps a goal that unrealistic, haha! Now I know :)

  3. Yes! You've got this! Get out with your camera and have so much fun!!


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