6.08.2017 San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

ur trip up to the central coast was such a great family vacation! It was a short trip, but all the same it was so memorable. It was so fun to go back to old spots I remembered so well as a child. We stayed in San Luis Obispo at this hotel 'The Apple Farm.' It reminds me of the cutest bed and breakfast because of the friendly staff, clean rooms, and country cottage decor.

The grounds were too beautiful not to do an entire shoot at, so a huge shout out to my sister for walking along with me and snapping some photos of myself! The flowers that are able to thrive up Northern California is so beautiful!! The flowers you see in this post is just a taste of the surroundings all up the San Luis County.

I am so grateful for this mini weekend trip, it was definitely needed as my sister is leaving for the whole summer to be apart of the Hume Lake summer staff! I'm going to be missing her like crazy, so some quality time was ideal as it was our last weekend together as a family for awhile.  

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  1. what a fun weekend! i've never been to northern california but now i want to visit. it looks beautiful!


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