raveling is a love of mine, and I'll never turn down an opportunity to do so. Every year starting from my sophomore years of high school, I've been able to visit one new US state each year (Virginia, Maui, Oahu, Oregon, and back to Virginia lol)! Sometimes I can't help but wish I could go back and do certain things differently, or explore more places. I absolutely loved Hawaii, and would love to go back with my family and have them experience the beauty and Hawaiian culture! I try not to go down memory lane too much, or other wise I find myself having the travel blues. So with much experience here are some tips that have helped me during the after affects of once that plane lands, and your back in reality!

EXPLORE YOUR CITY: There are so many things you can do locally, that doesn't involve an expensive plane ticket! If your into coffee shops, botanical gardens, adventurous hikes, or museums I bet you can do it all in your city. My town isn't the greatest, but whenever a new coffee shop appears I'm all over it, and suddenly forget all about the one's I can't wait to explore in San Diego.

PLAN A NEW TRIP: Traveling is so amazing, it can become an obsession! Instead of being blue and missing the place you were, look to the future with new dream destinations. Realize that traveling doesn't have to be a dream, it can be a reality. After a particular trip I always feel more independent and confident in my capabilities in exploring new places, and doing things I've never done before, it makes me all the more excited to book a new trip!

MEET UP WITH FRIENDS: Talking with friends about your travels always cheers me up. However, the best part isn't rambling on, because let's face it, your best friend won't want to hear about your amazing vacation for more than a half hour. The beauty of hooking up, can be to feel motivated about what you've missed while you've been gone. From here you're able to make plans for the future together, and start to get your life back in routine.

USE YOUR SOUVENIRS: In Oahu I purchased two snow globes, one from the pineapple plantation, and the other at Sea Life Park when I swam with the dolphins. I adore these little souvenirs, and when I got home I immediately put them up on my shelf above my chair in the corner of my room. Having these little pieces around makes me feel like I brought a little bit of Hawaii back with me. Use your postcards, frames, snow globes, keychains, or signs to use as room decor.

BLOG ABOUT IT: Once your home, and settled create a blog post giving your readers the scoop about the city or town you explored. Travel guides are always loved, and everyone's perspective is different. Spend some time feeling nostalgic while digging up some photos to have it forever on your blog! I love doing this because I'm able to process my entire trip, and express my hate/love relationship I had with the city I visited.

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