y purse is something I stopped carrying around with me while running errands, going to college classes, or even to work. I relied on my backpack for everything because I constantly needed my laptop, textbooks, and pens throughout the day because of my college schedule, since everyday consisted of attending my classes. I loved the system I created with my backpack, but after a while it began to be really heavy on my shoulders and back, and my work/college hours just recently lowered. Therefore, I'm not in any need of carrying my backpack around anymore, thank God! Now, that I'm on a normal, less busy schedule this summer I now have a tremendous need for my bag on a daily basis!

Oh, how I missed my purse SO much! It's so nice to have everything I need (minus textbooks) without hurting my shoulders in the process. However, now that my purse is taken everywhere, I needed to organize it in a functional way. My space is limited, unlike my backpack where I packed everything but the kitchen sink inside of it, haha!

So while going through and narrowing down the items I truly needed on a daily basis, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my list with you here on the blog. I tried to be practical, yet functional while putting together my list, so here are 14 things you should always try to keep inside your bag on the go! I love that I have this all figured out, especially before leaving for that University lifestyle!


1. Notebook : jot down any notes, or shopping lists. 
2. Pen - for above. 
3. Emergency Cash:  never know when you'll run into those small town stores that only accepts cash. 
4. First Aid Kit: this is where I keep a few bandaids, nail clippers, Motrin, cough drops, etc. 
5. Headphones: used for the gym, at work, or studying in a coffee shop. 
6. Mobile Phone Charger: I use this all the time, it's a life saver. 
7. Lotion: bye dry skin. 
8. Gum or Mints: used for those boring class lectures, or bad breath. 
9. Sunglasses:  a must in the summertime, and perfect to have when my car doesn't. 
10. Hair Ties & Bobby Pins: ahh, something I recently added to my bag, literally makes all the difference when I'm having a bad hair day! 
11. Feminine Products: for the time you least expect it! 
12. Mirror: check your makeup throughout the day. 
13. Day Planner: keep your calendar near to add or remove appointments. 
14. Rings: my knuckle rings instantly make me feel put together. Select your fave piece of jewelry to throw in your bag.


  1. The hair ties/bobby pin suggestion is a must! I always forget to put extras in my bag.

    I keep a notebook and journal in my bag for those moments I feel like I need to write or journal. I also keep a lavender essential oil in my bag for those stressful days at work!

    1. Oh what a great idea with the essential oil! I bet that comes in handy a lot! I love to keep certain coconut scents around me because that is what calms me!

  2. I definitely agree to always have that day planner handy! Life save :p

  3. I love this! I can totally gather so much in my bags - my camera bag is filled with all the extras! But more often than not these days I just grab my ID, CC, and phone to head out the door! hahah!

    1. Haha!! Yes I was getting in that habit too, however my phone was stolen in that process so keeping a purse is my only solution right now!!

  4. Yes! I always need bobby pins! I have to lug around a diaper bag filled with all sorts of things, though. ;-)

  5. i ALWAYS keep lotion, hand sanitizer and bobby pins hahaha


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