The theme of your instagram is becoming a true work of art. If a photo doesn't fit with your theme, it will not be posted. Every theme has something special about it, maybe it has neon pop of colors, white border, white wash filters, or only selfies. I know girls who will purchase certain novelty treats just to match their theme. Or who will spend hours searching for the perfect backdrop for outfit of the day. And...I'm afraid I too am guilty of this! It's funny how you will do a certain something all for the perfection of your instagram feed, isn't it?

My theme is a little bit all over the place, however with a few things in mind while posting. From the photo you can see the pop of color, white border, and simplicity in my product styling. I have a few tips on how to maintain or create an instagram feed, because I love growing and changing up my photography skills, so let's begin!

                                                          TIPS & TRICKS 

PICK A THEME YOU LOVE: Photo's have the power to speak a million words without actually voicing anything. Browse through the popular feed and explore what colors, and ideas really speaks who you are. You don't have to copy anyone, rather use your own ideas and photography skills.

REPEAT EDITING FILTERS: This one is important because the way you edit your photos can either make them all the same or completely different. I use AfterLight, and it's my favorite. I'm able to create the white border theme, along with brightness and increase of saturation!

DON'T RUIN THE THEME: This may seem simple, but trust me it's hard to stick with! It's always fun to post about your daily activities and special times with friends, but if it doesn't match the theme, don't post it. Every photo needs to be on fleek ;).

BUILD UP THE THEME: Try to constantly post with the same theme in mind, that way your gallery will look full and it will give your new followers the right outlook on your profile.


  1. I've been learning that something as small as an instagram feed doesn't really matter compared to the greatness of God and His Gospel story. I don't know. I guess I'm just not as worried as others about how my instagram feed looks, or my twiter feed, or any feed at all! haha We should spend more of our time focused on the Lord and glorifying Him than whether or not one picture fits in with the rest of the pictures on our insta feed.

    Not trying to start an argument here, just voicing my honest opinion and what the Lord is showing me lately! :)


  2. I love the look of Instagram themes, and I follow quite a few people who have theirs' perfect. At the moment my Instagram is incredibly bright with supposedly good quality clear clean cut photos, and black and white photos for when it doesn't match the theme. To be honest, it's not too theme looking, but it looks aesthetically pleasing all the same.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Thats awesome!! Well that's just it, it doesn't have to be theme looking persay...but the theme that's pleasing to your personal taste. :)


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