Thanksgiving is the one holiday that warms my heart in such a different way than Christmas ever will. Thanksgiving begins that "Holiday Season" and makes everyone very happy and joyful! Christmas is wonderful because you're able to gift your loved ones, and witness the smile on their face when they open it. However, when you're able to sit around the table with loved ones, and share your personal blessings throughout the year, over a delicious turkey feast, no gifts can compare in my book! November first I always create a list of all that I am grateful for, so I wanted to share my list with you today on my blog!

Creating this list whether it's on your iPhone notepad, computer document, on the back of a receipt, or a beautiful journal, it's such a beautiful moment for myself personally. My perspective on life and priorities change. I become more content and realize it's not about the material items that bring me joy in my life, rather it's the people I spend my time with, and the blessings I have on a day to day basis! I like to post this list on my corkboard or use some washi tape to hang it where I can visual see it the most throughout my day, to remind me of all that I have to be grateful for...especially when those thoughts creep in on what to add to my Christmas list.

1. Family: I believe this will never disappear on my grateful list, because my family members are more than a blessing in my life. They have my back, and I have theirs. Their constant encouragement and support in my life means the world to me.

2. Friendships: Friendships are the family you chose! I have always cherished my friends, however since my two best friends have moved out of state for college, it's made me appreciate, love, and miss them more every day!

3. Lily: My puppy Lily! Or more commonly known as, my sleeping partner! Haha. This little cutie will forever be my favorite, and I truly believe no other dog can replace her.

4. A Beautiful Heart Blog: This space has blessed me in more ways than I care to admit. Not only have I made great blogging friendships, but I've been able to focus, learn, and grow my creative talents and abilities, and for that I am beyond thankful my bestie introduced my to the blogging atmosphere.

5. Education: Many of you may not know, but I was homeschooled all throughout my life! Stepping into college it's given me such an appreciation for all the sacrifices my parents have made. My education has equipped me skills that I failed to recognize in High School, and now that I am no longer homeschooled it makes me treasure it even more.

6. California: I am so thankful that I live in sunny So-Cal! I love that I don't wake up to snow, rather I can enjoy the view of sunshine and palm trees!

7. Coffee Talk Conversations: I believe this has been on my thankful list for two years in a row, but rightfully so. It's a special time for myself to reflect on my feelings, along with growing my relationships with dear friends.

8. Traveling: I've been able to cross off so many dreams of mine on my bucket list, and I count it all as joy! I've crossed off; flying, visiting Hawaii, swimming with Dolphins, and attending a concert.

9. Traditions: My family has many traditions for every holiday and I love how it makes the season complete.

10. Bible College: I attend a Bible College because I wanted to be feed the word through my college years! I'm so thankful for the chapel/worship every Sunday night, it's so uplifting for my week! The messages are always exactly what I need to hear. So thankful for the ministry of the Lord.

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