diting photos is so much fun to me, and you'll never see an Instagram photo unedited! Girls who edit have a bad rap in society photoshop and not loving their true selves. Even though I understand that too much is just not even real anymore, but editing a few flaws, or brightening the lightning doesn't qualify as crime in my book! Editing a photo isn't just simply whitening the teeth, making the subject slim, or adding makeup. Rather, it's creating a collage of photos, adding sisters and quotes, changing the colors, and adding borders! So all the photography editing apps below all provide these different types of editing effects to your photo! One or two of them might cost, but the majority below are free! What are some of your favorite apps?

AMB: Of course most of you have heard of the app created by A Beautiful Mess, but It just so happens to be my favorite! This is always my go-to app and I love how you can add fun doodles to your photos making them more personal and creative!!!

Doodle Snap: This is such an awesome app, and so fun when you have those non-serious selfies! This app isn't always my first choice but it's fun to have as a backup or as something fun to play around with.

Aviary: Okay this app includes everything from photo filters, teeth whitening, and cropping! This is the most helpful app I have on my iphone because it's a lot like Pic Monkey which I use for my photos here on the blog all the time!

Collage World: So if you like making collages, then I promise you this app is perfect for you! I love the way it lets me rearrange each photo, making different shapes and sizes! Even the color of the background changes and there's text options as well! I've had this app for about three years now, and I hope to never get rid of it.

VSCOcam: This app editor has the best filters and makes my photos so sharp and full of color! It's of course one of the most popular iphone photo editors so I had to include this to my list! It's easy to use and only takes a few seconds to do!


  1. I've used VSCOcam and Aviary many times and love them!!! :)

    1. Yes aren't they the best? I love editing photos especially for Insta!

    2. SAME GIRL SAME!!!!! hahaha #sobasic

  2. I use VSCO and Afterlight together for most of my photos because I like to frame my IG photos and there's not a great framing option in VSCO but the tools and filters in that app are the best.


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