trawberry cake baby! I'm not in love with strawberry but this cake is too delicious! Like seriously, if you're trying to be good don't bake this cake, because it won't be in your fridge for more than two days! I made this a layered cake, which is my favorite! Instead of canned frosting or even homemade frosting, I made homemade whipped cream. The texture and taste is so much light and delish than any cool whip you could ever buy. This would be a wonderful dessert to serve this holiday season, and a great cake to bake before the New Year, haha!


This cake honestly could be the most easiest I've ever baked yet! To begin, just select your favorite cake mix at the market, just as long as it's a strawberry, or in my case pink velvet. Both are basically the same, but the pink velvet seems to be lighter and less strong.

Now onto whip cream. My mom has made this fresh my whole childhood and it's my favorite. I don't know how my thirteen year old self favored canned frosting best, crazy! For this you'll need a large bowl, spatula, and hand blender. Pour in the heavy whipping cream very easy into the mixture of sugar, and vanilla extract. You'll have to blend for a good solid five minutes, and then stop once your mixture becomes fluffy and looks perfect to top on the cake!

To top it all off, frost your cake, and for that extra beauty top with fresh strawberries! Sadly, I ate all the strawberries in my fridge before this baking session, but nevertheless it's still delicious!


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