2016 is here, and if you know anything about me, you'll know that I've a huge lover of lists and goals. So therefore it seemed very appropriate to share mine for the new year, but only regarding my blog (for now). Blogging is such a passion of mine, and you have probably noticed my absence within the month of December, which was not planned what soever. My PH laptop decided to die on me, and it wasn't worth fixing, so I had no access to my blogging format and photos. However, I finally broke down and purchased a Macbook Air, which Im using right now as I'm typing this post up, and I love it so much. I miss having my life's worth of photographs within my documents, so hopefully I will be able to restore them somehow, and then my groove of posting will go back to normal. Enough of my boring updates and excuses, let's dive into the whole point of this post.

2015 was full of growth for A Beautiful Heart, and I had the pleasure of sharing another side of my life and personality. I tried my best to ditch the trends, and keep things less fake. It was a year full of redirection and connecting back to my original roots. The blog received a new makeover during the summer (i believe?) and I've decided to keep it for this new year as well, because I just love the simplicity. Just for the fun of it, I have collected my favorite posts, each within the few categories I really covered in 2015, so here we go!


I stepped out of my box regarding beauty, and my favorite post goes to; "My Travel Makeup Pouch." For hair, this was an easy pick because tutorials are tricky to capture, however this particular hair style was a blast to create, and photograph, "Boho Halo Braid." I was a bit shocked, because while looking through my archives for food + drink, I only stumbled upon five different recipes that made the blog. Pathetic right? The category title should read desserts, because I really only feel proud about my sweet treats, and this one wins hands down, "V-Day Vanilla Cupcakes." Now onto DIY projects, one particular craft comes to mind because it was as equally fun to photograph and make, "DIY Dripped Painted Succulent Pot." As for outfits, it was difficult to just choose one, but if you know me, you'll understand why I picked this style outfit (one word; heels) "Turning Back She Just Laughs." To complete this roundup I had to include my travel diaries from Oahu, Hawaii which you can found all under the tab "travel", or click here. // Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed 2015's content as much as I did, and I really explored my creative side and loved sharing it here on the blog.

For my blog this year of 2016 I have many high hopes in different paths! I have quite a few personal resolutions however, I also have some for this space right here. I apologize in advance, because this post is already pretty lengthy and we've only just begun! However, I work better with bullet points, so perhaps viewing these paragraphs as each goal, will help? he-he.


I truly want to spend more time writing. Journaling about my thoughts about random or important topics that are active in my surroundings and the world in general. Nothing is more therapeutic than pouring out my feelings via a blank canvas. I treasure words, and through "coffee talk" I find it to be the perfect place to do just that; take time to express the true meanings of words and their connection to emotions that every human has felt. Have any suggestions, please leave them in the comment section because I'd love to collect ideas!

Be involved with new surroundings. As a college student i've found it's hard to incorporate a balanced blogging routine, but I think this year I will be able to fix this problem by surrounding myself in different environments. It's getting out of my bedroom that is cluttered with homework, chores, and distractions. Instead taking my laptop and journals to local coffee shops (Starbucks doesn't count), going down to the lake, parks, etc. I'm hoping these small trips will spark some creative vibes!

Step up my game with #ABHBOOKCLUB. I know, I announced that new feature during the summer and then stopped within a few months. One of my personal goals is to read more often, so hopefully that will generate some deep discussions on my reading material. Have any book suggestions? Let me  know and I'll check it out!!

Woo, if you've made it this far, you rock! I know I covered a lot within this post, especially without any photos, but a month off of blogging will do that to you. If your an old reader, or new reader thank you so much for your encouragement, support, comments, likes, and love through ABH! Get excited for the New Year because I have many posts in the making.

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