This month I've enjoyed spending time some quiet time during this winter season, in my cozy bedroom! I've been thinking about posting a life lately post, however I felt that this type of post would work perfectly. I have seemed to have hopped off the YouTuber wagon, just as soon as I started, which makes me a bit sad considering I loved sharing my monthly favorites...so technically that's what these kinds of posts remind me of! Perfect for the blogging format eh?

Like I mentioned, this winter season I've been keeping things low key. College is moving along very successfully, and my spare time has been focused on relaxing activities and me-time afternoons. I use the cold weather as an excuse to stay in my pj's all afternoon (after my morning classes), and hide under the covers with Lily!

This month I have two novelty treats, reading material, and artsy inspiration to share with you. Hope you can include them all into your weekly routine. Enjoy!

Lately I have become content in my creativity skills, and penmanship, which is honestly the key to this craft of mine. I love journaling, and writing down my personal thoughts. I love all that I'm able to say and share here on the blog, but it's online, and the thought of this site one day disappearing makes me sad. I don't ever wish to lose everything on this site, and therefore I have created a journal that basically sums up my blog.

I like to call this journal my "list journal". It's filled with topic ideas and then I create a list on that specific journaling topic/question. Here are a few ideas that I have in my journal as of now; 5 ways I can cherish myself, favorite chick-flicks, 10 reasons why I love fall, go-to songs at the moment, 5 ways to make me cry, 15 favorite feelings, and 5 things I want to make more time for. Hopefully you get the idea, but it's just everything that you'll see here on the blog from how-to tips, to personal favorites and personality traits from yours truly!

                                             NOVELTY TREATS 
I love a good hot cup of tea, especially during the winter months! My favorite cup of tea at the moment is from the brand Stash and the flavor is called black spice chai tea. It's so delicious, I'm actually craving it as I'm writing this post - hehe.

The beautiful chocolate truffle in the photo above is from an adorable danish bakery in Solvang callede Mortensen's! If your not familiar with Solvang it's a little Scandinavian village that has dutch bakeries, eateries, and souvenir shops. I haven't visited in years, however my mom just took a trip with some girlfriends and so she bought me this truffle as a special treat! It's a chocolate mouse filling with a rich chocolate cake, covered in milk chocolate which is held together by a moist vanilla sugar cookie! If your mouth isn't drooling yet, than it should!

                                                          1588 Mission Drive

I brought this book with me to Oahu, and never even made it half way! I've been diving in this beauty and it makes me own such a love for Lauren Conrad and her profession. She has some great insight on beauty tips, and I love how she makes it all very personal with her own stories to point out that even celebrities have their own imperfections. The photos inside are beautiful, which makes it seem less like a book and more of a fancy magazine/editorial piece that you'd put on display in your home. Definitely recommend this Beauty book, as well as her blog!

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