o this outfit concludes the mini series! Rather than ending it, I view it as I'm ending it with a bang because this is my favorite outfit out of the three. Plus, I may be kicking another wardrobe staple off very soon (fingers crossed)! I hope you enjoyed these black tee style outfits, and hopefully gathered some inspiration for your own pieces! My outfits are simple, and honestly looking back at 2015 I only posted a total of six outfits, because I almost feel like they're not worth photographing. However, I do enjoy putting a little thought into my outfit because it can really change/enhance my overall mood. I'm sure most of you gals can relate, right?

Now this outfit is for you California girls! I've created this outfit based on the idea "ditch the layers." Yes it's true layers can be your best friends, and you've seen that to be true in my previous posts, however I live in sunny So-Cal where it's always 80 degrees, (well most of the time). This look is so simple that I almost didn't add it to the series. It's a floral purse, boyfriend jeans, and some funky sunglasses, all in front of a blue wall! But, I decided that some days are called for this type of simpleness. Not everyday of our lives will we have time to put tons of effort into our outfits! For students, or gals who spend their Saturday shopping this outfit is for you! Rock the simpleness and embrace the classic icon look of jeans and a tee. Let't not feel the need to have to always look glamorous and trendy every day of our lives, because honestly it's not "real" life!

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  1. Bright colored walls are my favorite! <3 Loved this post. :)


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