oday I wanted to share some tips on how to become a lifestyle blogger! There are so many components that set aside us lifestyle bloggers compared to fashion or DIY bloggers! In the beginning when I started A Beautiful Heart my intent was to be a lifestyle blogger because my vision was basically an online journal. However, a fashion blogger seemed to be the most popular and my blog shifted towards that, and then I realized it wasn't the right fit for me. This past year I have perfected my own understanding of what it's like to be a lifestyle blogger, so I wanted to share my list that I try to always incorporate when planning for future posts! There are so many things I love about being a lifestyle blogger, because I'm able to express myself on a deeper and more personal level with my readers! If you've been a follower for a while now, I hope that your glimpse into my life has given you a beautiful understanding to what my blog is all about; A Beautiful Heart.
Hope it helps you with your lifestyle blog!

Involve Your Travels: This is my absolute favorite to include on my blog! Traveling is my favorite thing in the world, and it also involves many of my dreams. Being able to capture photos and share my trip on this site is a great way for me to remember special memories, but also it let's my readers have a glimpse into my life. It can be as simple as documenting a trip to the beach with friends, or ice skating during Christmas. Whatever it is, share it! I love putting together mini guides so that people can experience the same things I did when I traveled out of state!

Be Personal: Being real comes with risk because others will judge or disagree with you, and those comments are never nice to read. But, don't let that stop you from sharing. You don't have to be personal in a vulnerable way, nor spill your personal secrets or embarrassments. Rather give your readers some information about your personally. Something that they can relate to, and connect to who you are as a blogger. Some post examples would be; favorite tv shows, random facts about you, or 15 of your favorite feelings,

Provide Updates: The number one rule about being a lifestyle blogger is sharing your life. On my blog I have created a post titled "the weekly" and in the post I provide photos from my instagram, and answer some fun questions! I give an update about my weekly/monthly happenings, ranging from my go-to songs, interesting topics I've thought about, or the loads of homework I have in college. Everything is important, no matter how big or small, it's still news, and it's still about your life!

Give How-To Tips: Providing your readers with helpful tips and tricks is my favorite thing about being a lifestyle blogger! This is when Pinterest comes in handy, because every useful pins you have hiding in your boards, actually become something you do! Some post examples are; tips on note taking, 4 secrets to blogging, reimagining your instagram feed, and the benefits of keeping plants around. 


  1. Love this!!! I am going to be trying to get back into blogging and I'm excited!! :) Also, do you do free blog designs Jenna? Who designed your blog? I'm looking for someone to design my blog for free if possible because it needs a new look desperately!! haha Thanks!

  2. Oh, that picture of you looks very beautiful!
    I like the how to posts most...



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