oday I'm sharing 25 random facts about myself and this blog! I've done this before here on the blog, so today I am going to try to share some things that you probably don't know about me (hopefully).

Gilmore Girls is probably my favorite tv show! I love Lorelai and her character, gosh she just cracks me up, and I love her light personality. Rory, is a sweetheart and I love her and Logan together!

I hate having sandy/wet feet at the beach! The feeling of rinsing them, ahh best feeling ever!

My favorite blogs are; WishWishWish, Maiedae, Into The Woods, and A Beautiful Mess! All have such beautiful content, and these four are the one's I keep up with on a weekly basis, and always love what I read/see. Must check them out!

You may already know this about me but I may have a huge obsession with Justin Bieber. Yep. The secret is out. I might regret this...but I just love him and his music too much! Favorite song; Love Me Like You Do, or In Love With The Thought Of You!

 I binge on Netflix all the time, and right now I'm addicted to Psych. Yes I'm late to the trend of this hilarious tv show, but it has to be said that Gus is the best character ever! Agreed?

Francesca's is my favorite place to shop. I like to call it a mini homegoods/anthropology for teenagers! Their watches is the only place I buy mine, because it's the exact style, and size that I feel the most confident to wear.

My favorite number is 16, I honestly don't know why. Maybe because it's because when I was little I always wanted to be 16, and I dreamed of my sweet 16 birthday all the time with my friends.

I have kept my stuffed animal that reminds me of my childhood puppy named Daisy. It's a cute little white dog that's my favorite. I just can't get rid of it, even at 18 lol.

My favorite nail polish of all time for my toes, are any shade of blue, especially turquoise.

My favorite vacation of all time has been my trip to Maui. I went with my grandparents and best friend, Alex! It was my first time to Hawaii, and by far my favorite island yet (I've been to Oahu too). You can click here, to view my entire trip because I blogged a lot while I was there.

I absolutely love going to concerts. I've been to three so far, and I plan on attending much more in the future cause I just think they're the best!

Anything dipped in chocolate, I'll eat it!

My favorite type of blog posts to write/edit/capture is how-to tips & tricks! I love creating content that's encouraging and helpful for my readers.

I love, love, love makeup! BareMinerals, and Urban Decay are my go-to brands because of the quality, and colors! I love to take the time to switch up my makeup looks, and experiment with different colors and blending techniques. Yes, did I mention I love makeup?

I am officially a college student. It's crazy to think about how time zoom's by. Okay college please be good to me!

Wearing high heels means my night consists of some serious special celebration. I almost never have the opportunity to put on my favorite pair of heels, but when I do I love the way it makes me feel.

Ripped blue jeans are the way to go in my book! I love jeans so much, I've been guilty of wearing them to bed instead of putting some pj pants!

Hamburger and fries, is a meal I order pretty much everywhere. Yep. No cheese, totally plain. If I feel like gettin' crazy I'll add some BBQ sauce, and onion rings. Haha - I know people laugh at me all the time over this.

I love blogging with a drink/coffee sittin' right by me! It's like a power boost, and it keeps me blogging until I've finished!

I love to dance! Freestyle behind closed doors is the best, but I'm also down for some party group dancing!

I'm in the process of receiving my license, but it's taking slower than I'd like. Mostly because I am still working my way towards driving on the freeway! Besides that though, I really do love driving. It makes me feel so free, and of course responsible!

My sister and I are super close! I love her to death, and literally can call her my best friend.

My Pinterest boards are pretty amazing! I might have been a little too obsessed with it - therefore my number of pins is super high!

British accent is my favorite to listen to. Seriously would love to have one myself. If I did I don't think I'd ever stop talking! Like ever.

I go through candles super fast especially through the fall season! My favorite scents are vanilla, and anything sugary such as cupcake, brownie, or chocolate.

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