akeup is my obsession! It's a real problem! Eyeshadow is my favorite makeup product to purchase and even explore, so there's so question to what this post is about! I just bought the bareminerals palette, and I've been having so much fun playing around all the color. With my brown eyes, neutral colors look best on best me, so naturally browns and tans were the first type of eyeshadows I gathered. Through out the years of playing and experimenting with my makeup and feeling more comfortable with my style, I've enjoyed pinks and dark purples. This palette shows off just that - the perfect shades of pink, blush, and cream tones!

I've been playing around with this palette for quite some time now, and I can't say enough good things about it! BareMinerals just produces the best quality makeup around! These colors are unlike any other kinds that I've seen and purchased for myself before. These shadows don't crease and are very reliable when I've been out all day! Absolutely love this palette, so today in this post I'm including some of my favorite things about BareMineral's specifically.


1. RELIABLE - Like I said above I can wear these shadows without my makeup creasing. This goes for all of their shadows and palettes! They're great for on-the-go products because you don't have to have eyeshadow primer before applying - it lasts that long!

2. ORGANIC - This eyeshadow is so nice for my skin. I love not having to worry about it swelling up my eyes, or causes my face a break out. I've used many high end companies for makeup like smashbox, and lancome.

3. AFFORDABLE - BareMinerals palette's cost around 40-50 dollars, which is a really sweet deal, considering that each palette has up to eight shadows! Even their eyeliners are around $15, and mascara is $18! Pretty awesome right?


  1. Which palette is this one? Or did you build your own?

    1. This palette is called the Sexy Neutrals

  2. In my opinion $40-50 is OUTRAGEOUS!!! Especially for a thing of eyeshadow. Sorry but I won't be buying this!!! :(


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