This is my favorite DIY I've done for spring, and I believe it shall be my last! I hope you all have enjoyed my little DIY spring posts here on the blog these past weeks. I actually bought the supplies for these crafts specifically for a YouTube video - shocker right? I loved the way they turned out so much that just a video to show for it didn't satisfy me, so I had to take some beautiful photos for the blog as well, and wow am I glad I did! Photo styling is my absolutely favorite, maybe even a little more than outfit photos! So for this DIY it's quite simple, and my personal favorite. Adding a touch of greenery in your space makes everything seem a little more brighter for the spring time! At the bottom of this post there's the video I made for my channel, so be sure to watch it for some other DIY ideas as well!

terra cotta pot
outdoor paint
foam brushes
succulent clippings

This is pretty self explanatory from what you can gather from the pictures, but here's a little more description in case you're a little confused on how to make the drip effect. Place the pot upside down once your down with the base coat and it's completely dry. Then take your paint and drizzle it down the sides of the pot and let it fall. Don't try to stop it, because you'll end up ruining the look, so don't squeeze too much out at a time. Poor your dirt into the pot and add your succulent clippings!!


  1. Hello there:) Your blog is exceptionally pretty and this post is brilliant!
    I just posted a new post, I hope you would like to see it?
    Thank you!
    Kate xo

  2. This is such a cute DIY! Thanks for sharing!


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