So, I've been staring at this blank canvas trying to find the words to begin today's post. I literally have been so out of touch here on the blog, and social media. It's crazy! I never intended things to end up this way, my life has just been all over the place lately. Blogging takes a lot of time, and these past few weeks time was something I couldn't give, plus a horrible thing for a blogger. My best friend Alex took some outfit photos for me, (there's a vlog about our day) and after we got home to download them to my computer, my camera chip malfunctioned! Sadly not only did I lose all my beautiful outfit shots but I no longer had a chip to take photos with. I only own one camera chip, so the fact that it's not working makes it even more extremely difficult to take photos here for the blog!

Thankfully Alex was kind enough to lend me her spare chip, but just found out that it doesn't plug into my computer! My frustration levels are high, and worried about when my next blog post will go up! So hopefully now you understand why I haven't been an active blogger! My plan is to purchase a chip within the next two or three weeks and continue to have Alex's help via photos!

This may seem like a minor problem, and compared to most it truly is, but it's taught me alot! The words, go with the flow, keep coming to my head more and more these days. It's a phrase I've always hated, and have NEVER used. It's made me realize how caught up and tense I make everything out to be. Sure, problems like these are never fun, but becoming stressed about them isn't always the best solution. It's so hard to not worry about the way your blog looks, the content you produce, or even the amount of views you receive. In the blogging community I've found that a week in the blogging atmosphere is like a whole year, haha! Some bloggers post once or twice a day, and therefore adding up one weeks amount of posts, is like triple the size of yours, if posting only 3-2 posts a week!

So it's safe to say that us bloggers are constantly consumed with the idea that content had to be published every other day! Even though I agree with this, I've found that it's okay with taking a break and unplugging! I've touched on this topic before here on the blog, and I really believe it works. It gives a time to re-group your ideas, brainstorm, and spend more time organizing better posts. I think that falling into a rut for bloggers is an easy and quick trap because of how fast we are expected to produce content. I've Googled ideas, searched Pinterest, explored new blogs, and even YouTube, and sometimes it's the only way to go for fresh ideas. With my lack of time, and lack of resources to be able to blog (within the past two weeks) I've been able to step back and take some time refocusing my plan for A Beautiful Heart. So be prepared for some incredible new inspiring posts this summer come June, along with some great announcements you will hear about shortly! In the mean time, thanks for the support, and encouragement you all give me via blogging!

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  1. Love this Jenna; so neat to see how you've realized what this problem has done to you, and found a way to change! Proud of you:) Becca


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