barefoot in the sand


Hawaii has been so enjoyable! My vacation with my grandparents and my friend Alex has been unforgettable. Everything about Hawaii is so different than California. For one, its so green and there are so many old beautiful trees all over the island. Second the people in Hawaii are more relaxed and less tense like us Californians. Hang Loose is definitely the moto they live by. We found this out by stopping at a information center we had seen on the main street for days now, and we thought it would be nice to find out some directions or nice beaches to check out. So once we finally made our way to the information center, the man there told us that it use to be an information center about five years ago!! There were still signs up everywhere, and even road signs, but no that was five years ago! Crazy how chilled back those Hawaiians really are! So believe me, they fully live up to their moto...hang loose.

Outfit Details :
Shirt / American Eagle
Board Shorts / Roxy
Peach Shorts / American Eagle
Purse / Roxy
Sunglasses / Forever 21


  1. i love your shorts!!


  2. Hahaha so true! Have had an amazing vacation... Thank you so much for allowing me to share in this incredible experience with you! Alex


    1. Hahaha I know I felt so embarrassed for walking into that place! OMG thank you for coming!!!!! I wasnt going to go if you or my sister didn't end up going! :)

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  4. I'm so jealous of my friend, who's visiting this summer! Looks so tranquil and beautiful. Great post! xx

  5. Hey! I nominated you! --->

  6. Wow! Sounds kinda like the attitude of Puerto Rico!

  7. the water looks amazing


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