Luckily I was able to do a little photo shoot while I was in Palm Springs for my birthday! The past couple of days it has been raining non-stop, so a photo shoot was out of the question! It made me very happy to be in Palm Springs because the weather was so nice and enjoyable. As you know, it hasn't been cold here in So-Cal, so wearing boots wasn't going to happen. So when it started raining I couldn't wait to go out in my boots and leather jacket, but because of how hard the rain came down leather wasn't the best type of clothing to wear. I quickly jumped on the wonderful opportunity to wear leather for my special day in Palm Springs! I had so much fun when I went, I literally can't wait to go back. Other than the fact that it can get up to 115 degrees in the summer, I could definitely live there! There are so many neat places you can go and enjoy. When driving down the main street I saw so many art gallery's that looked so incredible, I would love to go back and check it out.

"I am 16, going on 17, innocent as a rose." So yes, today I am officially 17!!! It's so wild to think about, but I'm ready for the whole new changes and opportunities with becoming 17. This year I have been so blessed by my family and friends. My surprise trip to Palm Springs was so much fun, and my grandparents even came out to celebrate with me. I definitely have so much to be thankful for!!! Well, here's to a new wonderful year of being one year older!

 Just a little reminder about my "Ask Away" feature! Feel free to click here, if you have an questions you would like me to answer for you regarding fashion trends, bedroom décor, DIY's, nail art tutorials, or even hair styles. I know a lot of you loved my "Back to School Series" that I did a while back, so If you would love to see any new series up on A Beautiful Heart don't be shy to ask away! So if you are new to my blog, your probably don't know the special little idea behind "ask away." Which is basically letting my readers ask any question whether its related to the topics I mentioned above, or personal. Then depending on the question I just might feature your question here on the blog, for more of a spotlight attention! Including images, and more specific, in-depth answers and tips! I have a few posts (coming soon) of what some questions you guys had for me, but I just wanted to remind all of you new wonderful readers! Plus my blog isn't really well-organized so that's another reason why I wanted to mention it. I'm super excited because very soon I am going to have a new blog design. And its going to be so much more organized and I'm going to be adding some more new features to my blog! So now I can't wait for all of your questions to start filling my inbox! :)
Outfit Details:
Top / Forever 21
Jeans / American Eagle
Boots / Bass
Purse / Charlotte Russe
Jewelry / Miranda Frey


  1. You look so pretty and happy! I wish I had a blog like yours to look up to when I was around that age, you are such an inspiration!

    Keep being awesome and enjoy being 17 :)

    Smitten with Sunday

    1. Awh thanks. :) I love hearing that from my readers, I often times get discouraged.

  2. Lovely photo in front of the pond with flower bowls (?!) in it! It is so nice to see flowers blooming again, and you fit right in with the beautiful floral blouse!

    1. Yes flower bowls haha :) Ahh I know excited for spring

  3. gorgeous! love that top!



  4. Muy bonito el top!!

  5. You are so beautiful! Inside and out! I love the top you are wearing! Heres to being 17 and crazy!


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