Beautiful Quotes


Hey Everyone! These are some of my all time favorite quotes. Some of these quotes are pinned all over my room because I am always wanting to remind myself these saying ha-ha. These photos aren't mine I found them from my Pinterest account,& wasn't able to find who the actual owner was of these photos! I know some of you have probably heard some of these quotes but they're my favorite. Anyways I hope you all enjoy these quotes/saying as much as I do!


  1. Wow, Jenna- these quotes are fabulous! I've never heard of any of these before. My favorites were ALL of them! I could apply to each one! Thanks for posting them! they were very inspiring!!!

  2. Yes, found your blog.

    Hi Jenna. Thank you for following my blog. Now I'm following you. :) Very petty blog you have here.

    1. I changed my blog name from "Sophia's Desk" to HildaLD. Here's the link:


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