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Want to partner with me? Well, then you came to the right place. Is your blog filled with fashion, projects, recipes, inspiration, and adventures? Because that is exactly what I think my readers enjoy, when searching for new blogs! I prefer to work with shops, and blogs who reflect both of my personal style, and commitment to clean posts. Partnering with A Beautiful Heart should be a mutual beneficial relationship and I truly love supporting those who choose to partner with me, while still keeping the content of my blog honest and genuine. Now lets talk stats!

Monthly views: 2,800
Instagram: 450
Pinterest: 850+
Bloglovin' & GFC: 530

Chicoptia: just created the account
(updated since 4.20.14)

 A Beautiful Heart has grown to over 500 subscribers, and has over 2,500 page views every month. If your blog or business targets young creative and adventurous women who loves fashion, food or drink recipes, & travel then A Beautiful Heart is a perfect fit for your blog!

A Beautiful Heart is constantly growing and gaining new lovely followers on a daily basis. I blog mostly about outfit posts, recipes, deep conversations, travel, & many things that inspires me.

Current Statistics:
2,800+ page views per month
40,700+ total page views of all time history
300 followers via bloglovin'
260+ followers via Google friend connect
400+ followers via other connects of social media
(updates since 4.26.14)

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Have Jenna style an item for a fashion post
Jenna accepts items that match her personal style and content of her blog. If you would like her to display an item on A Beautiful Heart then contact Jenna here; for more options and information.
Giveaway's will be posted here on the blog, only three per month, posted on Friday's, and they will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis. All copy will be written by Jenna. If you have any important information pertaining to the item/gift, your shop, or the giveaway in general please provide that. Only giveaways offering $35 item/gift will be accepted. Please note that I will only work with shops, or companies that I fell fits my blog content and is an interest to my readers!

Sidebar Ad Space
There are three sizes you can choose... large, medium, and small. The price of each size vary's of course, and all sizes run for one month. You can purchase any size, any day of the month unless of course all spaces are filled for that particular month. For more info check out my sponsorship page!


  1. I would love to Jenna, but I'm still not sure what it all means!!! :) Would you please explain?? :) Thank you!!


  2. I would love to as well, as long as it's free. If it is, I have the exact same thing on my blog.:)

  3. I don't know how that works but if it is free, i'm in! :)

  4. Sure! I'd love to, unless you're already filled up. :)

  5. I would love to partner with you too! Just let me know what it all entails. :)

  6. I would love to collab with you or something.. :) Let me know if you're interested in something like that!

  7. It would be great to partner with u,as long is the thing in free :))

  8. I am so up for an add swap girl!! I love your blog!!

  9. This is such a good idea - taking part would be great! x


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